Sold Out: Yom Yerushalayim Leadership Mission to Israel

We are looking forward to an exciting and informative Israel Leadership Mission, which is scheduled for May 23-30, 2022.

The response to this Mission by ZOA supporters has been exceptional. We cannot wait for all those who have registered to meet and greet each other on May 23rd. Zionists from coast to coast, north and south, and also from Canada and from as far away as Australia, will be joining us. 

We are “sold out” and closing registration for this year’s Mission.

Mission Dates: May 23 – 30, 2022

What to Expect? Watch Recap Below of a Previous Mission:


Monday, May 23 | BRUCHIM HABAIM

  • Check in-at at the Inbal Hotel in Jerusalem from 3:00 PM.
  • 7:00 PM – Opening Dinner at the Inbal hotel with Israeli leaders.

Overnight: Inbal Hotel, Jerusalem


  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Security or Political Briefing
  • ZOA Delegation to the Knesset: Head to the Knesset for meetings and briefings with Cabinet Ministers and Members of Knesset.
  • Lunch on own at the Knesset.
  • In the late afternoon, visit the Shimon HaTzaddik neighborhood and meet Jewish residents of the neighborhood who are facing ongoing attacks and international condemnation and delegitimization. Understand how the presence of these Jewish residents strengthens Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem.
  • Dinner and evening on your own.

Overnight: Inbal Hotel, Jerusalem

Wednesday, May 25 | FACING HAMAS

  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Depart hotel and head to Israel’s borders with Egypt and the Hamas controlled Gaza area. Join Habithonistim Chairman IDF Brig. General Amir Avivi (res) for an in depth look at Israel’s security challenges and how the IDF meets these challenges.
  • Head to Sederot, which has endured years of bombardment by Palestinian rockets from Gaza for a simple lunch at the Sederot Hesder Yeshivah where students combine their military service with advanced Torah study.
  • Visit front line Israeli communities and defenses facing Hamas controlled Gaza.
  • Return to Jerusalem for dinner at the Inbal Hotel.

Overnight: Inbal Hotel, Jerusalem


  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Depart hotel to Hevron. Join IDF Major (res) Amit Deri, founder of Reservists on Duty for a behind the scenes overview of the security situation on the ground in Hevron.
  • Visit Me’arat Hamachpelah, the Tomb of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs and meet Noam Arnon , spokesperson of the Hevron Jewish community and learn about the challenges facing the residents of the Jewish community of Hebron.
  • Lunch and wine tasting at the Gush Etzion Winery with local leaders.
  • Security demonstration at Caliber 3, the leading Counter Terror & Security Training Academy in Israel.
  • Meet Women in Green co-founder Nadia Matar at the Oz Vegaon Nature Reserve established by Women in Green in response to the murder of Jewish teens Eyal, Gilad and Naftali by Arab terrorists.
  • Light Dinner and program at Har Herzl hosted by World Likud.

Overnight: Inbal Hotel, Jerusalem


  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Security or Political Briefing.
  • Depart the hotel to the City of David, where we will get a behind the scenes look at some of the latest finds reflecting Jewish sovereignty in Jerusalem over the centuries going back 3,000 years. Learn about the role that the archeology and the presence of Jewish families living here today play in strengthening Jewish claims to Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel.
  • Lunch and shopping time on your own in Jerusalem
  • Shabbat Candle Lighting: 6:56 PM
  • Head to the Kotel to greet Shabbat with song, dance and prayer.
  • Walk back to the hotel for a late Shabbat dinner

Overnight: Inbal Hotel, Jerusalem


  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Enjoy the special atmosphere of Shabbat in Jerusalem by participating in Shabbat services at one of Jerusalem’s many synagogues or take time to explore the city on your own.
  • 12:00 Noon – Session at the Inbal Hotel with Khaled Abu Toameh, Former Arab Affairs Correspondent for the Jerusalem Post
  • Shabbat lunch at the hotel with IDF Lone Soldiers.
  • Shabbat rest time.
  • 6:00 PM – Group Program.
  • Dinner at the hotel.
  • Shabbat ends at 8:19 PM. Evening on your own in Jerusalem as Yom Yerushalayim begins, celebrating the reunification of Jerusalem under Israeli rule in the 1967 Six Day War.

Overnight: Inbal Hotel, Jerusalem


  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Security or Political Briefing.
  • Join Yatar Elite Police Auxiliary Volunteer Counter Terror Unit for a security tour and overview in the Jerusalem Corridor.
  • Lunch on own.
  • Join Regavim in the Maaleh Adumim area for a behind the scenes look at illegal Arab encroachment and building in the Jerusalem area and in “Area C”. Gain insight into how these illegal activities – supported by the European Union and the U.S. Government – are designed to weaken Israeli sovereignty and territorial contiguity in Jerusalem.
  • Return to Jerusalem to join Yom Yerushalayim Celebrations
  • Evening and dinner on your own.

Overnight: Inbal Hotel, Jerusalem

Monday, May 30 | SHOMROM

  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • We will spend the day in the Shomron visiting Jewish communities and meeting local leaders and residents including Yossi Dagan, Head of the Shomron Regional Council and Daniella Weiss & Lital Marmerosh Slonim of the Nachala Settlement Movement.
  • Learn about the security and economic challenges that the Shomron communities face. See the dramatic views and gain insight into the strategic importance of the Shomron.
  • Lunch at one of the Shomron Wineries.
  • Dinner en-route to the airport.

Bus will drop people at Ben Gurion Airport for flights to the USA and then the Inbal Hotel.

    • Underlined meals are included in the trip price
    • Listed activities and speakers are subject to change.
    • Program will be staffed by a Keshet Israel Tour Educator, a Keshet Hostess and a security escort.