BLOG BY: Morton Klein and Daniel Mandel

Wash Times ZOA Op-ed: Obama’s Inconsistent Treatment of Netanyahu and Abbas
Date: 04.08.15

In recent weeks, President Barack Obama condemned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for appropriately opposing a Palestinian state because Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah Party-controlled Palestinian Authority (PA) has not only merged with the terrorist group Hamas, but also hasn’t met any of the conditions Netanyahu required in his 2009 conditional acceptance of Palestinian statehood, such as […]

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BLOG BY: Elizabeth Berney, Esq.

Article by ZOA Staff Attorney on Her Experience with Hillary and Obama
Date: 04.01.15

“The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it.”  –  George Bernard Shaw My first and only semi-personal encounter with Barack Hussein Obama occurred on March 13, 2007, at a conference in Washington D.C. sponsored by the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (“AIPAC”).  That evening, four presidential hopefuls – […]

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BLOG BY: Zach Stern

Forget About a Palestinian State, But Blame the PA
Date: 03.26.15

Regardless of who sits as Israel’s Prime Minister and regardless of any comments Bibi made about a Palestinian state, one can take a look at the facts and realize quickly that a Palestinian state will not come into being because the Palestinian Authority (PA) has no interest in peace with Israel. It would also be […]

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BLOG BY: Daniel Mandel

Israelis Go With a Firm Leader: Opposing View
Date: 03.20.15

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appears to have won a handsome election victory following a grueling campaign, complete with foreign government money, including indirectly from the U.S. State Department, going to his opponents. In order to win, Netanyahu is held now to have reneged on his 2009 in-principle, hedged commitment to reaching a peace agreement with […]

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SOURCE: Henry Kissinger And George P. Shultz

Kissinger, Shultz: The Iran Deal and Its Consquences
Date: 04.08.15

The announced framework for an agreement on Iran’s nuclear program has the potential to generate a seminal national debate. Advocates exult over the nuclear constraints it would impose on Iran. Critics question the verifiability of these constraints and their longer-term impact on regional and world stability. The historic significance of the agreement and indeed its […]

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SOURCE: Jason L. Riley

Wall St Journal Article: Obama and Black-Jewish Relations
Date: 04.02.15

President Obama is trying the patience of Jewish Democrats in Congress, a dozen of whom took Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes to the woodshed last week over the president’s continued criticism of Benjamin Netanyahu. According to Politico, the lawmakers complained to Mr. Rhodes that Mr. Obama is behaving as though the Israeli prime minister’s […]

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