ZOA Philly President’s Article: UNESCO Lies About Jerusalem’s Holiness to Jews
Date: 05.02.16

For Jews, the Temple Mount (site of Solomon’s Temple and the Second Temple is the holiest place on earth. The adjacent Kotel (the Western Wall) is the second holiest site to Jews. A recent decision by UNESCO (the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization), however, shamefully distorts, deletes and denies Jewish – and in […]

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BLOG BY: Morton A. Klein and Daniel Mandel

ZOA Op-Ed on Obama Support for PA State in UN
Date: 04.27.16

Does President Obama Obama intend to permit the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to pass a resolution criticizing or condemning Israel for the “settlements” –– the Jewish communities in the West Bank –– as illegal or an obstacle to peace and calling for peace agreement encompassing a Palestinian state?It depends which Obama Administration officials one […]

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BLOG BY: Elizabeth Berney, Esq.

ZOA Op-Ed on CUNY Anti-Semitism and SJP
Date: 04.01.16

I’d like to publicly thank our New York State senator, Jack Martins, for his important role in protecting Jewish and other students from harassment, intimidation and violence perpetrated by the anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, anti-American hate group “Students for Justice in Palestine,” on City University of New York campuses. Many students who live in our local community attend […]

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BLOG BY: Keshia Clukey

State Senate Considers Cutting CUNY Aid Unless Anti-Semitism There Taken Seriously
Date: 03.18.16

It was clear during a joint subcommittee meeting Wednesday that the state Senate and Assembly have a long way to go before reaching an agreement on a higher education budget.The main wedge is over a proposal that would shift 30 percent of the cost of City University of New York senior colleges to the city. […]

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SOURCE: Seth Lipsky

Seth Lipsky Shocked by AIPAC Apology for Trump Criticizing Obama
Date: 03.29.16

Unprecedented” is the word the Washington Post is using for the apology issued by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee for the applause given to Donald Trump at its conference this week.AIPAC is shocked — shocked — that The Donald criticized President Obama from the lobby’s stage. And that Trump’s jibe was greeted with a […]

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SOURCE: Jay Bergman

AIPAC’s Condemnation of Trump’s Speech is Reprehensible
Date: 03.28.16

I returned home earlier this week from the annual conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in Washington, D.C., where at the Verizon Center I heard Hillary Clinton strongly criticize Donald Trump, a candidate for the presidency of the United States. A few hours later I heard Donald Trump criticize Barack Obama, the […]

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