ZOA Israel Meets with Dozens of Congressional and Policy Leaders
Date: 01.12.15

Lobbying Washington principals and bureaucrats, introducing Israeli government insider Akounis, giving talks in Philadelphia and New Jersey, talking up ZOA’s Israel program at two dinner events, training campus leaders, updating colleagues, catching up with ZOA ISRAEL partners… A lot was accomplished during our recent U.S. trip. A lot falls on us now to follow up. […]

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BLOG BY: Elliott Hamilton Student, Pitzer College

Student Processes Israel Trip and Promises to Take Tools from ZOA Mission Back to Campus
Date: 01.08.15

At the top of Ammunition Hill, a group of forty-one student activists sang Hatikva with arms around each other. In a moment that encapsulated the entire trip, the ZOA mission completed its last event before returning stateside for another semester of Zionist activism on college campuses. But it was during that minute-long moment at Ammunition […]

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BLOG BY: Seth Greenwald Student, Clark University

Student on ZOA Mission Seeks Peace in Nazareth
Date: 01.06.15

I am frustrated and upset. I am disgusted and taken aback. And it is Christmas. On December 25th, 2014, one would expect to see joy in one of the most holy Christian communities, the home of Jesus, to see a sense of compassion, love and respect. From the Arab-Christian community of Nazareth, I see nothing […]

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BLOG BY: Sarah La Pearl Student, Michigan State University

Student Mission Experiences Israel’s Healthy Diversity Firsthand
Date: 01.05.15

The cultural diversity demonstrated in the land of Israel makes it one of the most successful nations throughout the world. Following my return to campus I plan to improve my advocacy skills with the knowledge that I have gained during the ZOA Student Leadership Mission.  The citizens who reside in the land of Israel are […]

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SOURCE: Steve Emerson

Terrorism Expert Steve Emerson Article About Obama Refusing to Say “Islamic Terrorism”
Date: 01.08.15

They shouted in Arabic “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is Greatest) and “We are avenging the Prophet Mohammed” as they sprayed their victims with hundreds of bullets from their semi-automatic weapons. Their “victims” were the top editorial cartoonists of the satirical Charlie Hebdo magazine, who had dared to practice their right of free speech. Their offense? Publishing cartoons deemed “offensive” by […]

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SOURCE: Algemeiner

Israel’s Ambassador Dermer: “It’s a Disgrace to Call Abbas ‘A Man of Peace'”
Date: 10.28.14

OCTOBER 27, 2014 1:29 PM Israel’s ambassador to Washington, Ron Dermer, on Sunday launched an unprecedented attack on Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas, calling him “an enemy of Israel, who educates children to hate Jews and wants to establish a Judenrein” Palestine, Israel’s NRG News reported Monday. “President Abbas, who wrote a research paper that […]

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