BLOG BY: Susan B. Tuchman, Esq. and Morton A. Klein

NY Jewish Week ZOA Op-Ed: Brooklyn Food Coop – Stop Punishing Those Fighting BDS
Date: 12.01.16

When the Park Slope Food Coop in Brooklyn was founded in 1973, it had a worthy mission: to make healthy and affordable food available to everyone who wanted it. But recently, the Coop appears to have lost its way. In April, it suspended four loyal, long-time members for a whole year – three of them […]

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Facts on Israel Website Offering the Truth, Unfiltered
Date: 11.30.16

Philadelphia, PA:  The homeland right of no people on earth is more misunderstood than that of the Jewish people to their homeland of Israel.  This is partly because the mainstream media has adopted the Jewish homeland-delegitimizing language of Israel’s foes, but also in part because well-meaning supporters of Israel ourselves unthinkingly use these terms.  Both […]

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BLOG BY: Morton A. Klein and Susan B. Tuchman, Esq.

ZOA JTA Article on Fighting Campus Anti-Semitism
Date: 09.19.16

Last week, the chancellor of The City University of New York released a report by CUNY-hired outside counsel investigating allegations of campus anti-Semitism. The investigation was triggered by a 14-page letter from the Zionist Organization of America to CUNY’s leadership, which noted, among other incidents, how during a rally last November held by Students for […]

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BLOG BY: Women in Green

ZOA Israel Moves on Judea and Samaria Rights According to International Law
Date: 08.26.16

The discussion of sovereignty is now also heard on the other side of the ocean, but in order for it to take on real momentum we need Israeli statesmen to speak clearly about it. Jeff Daube, ZOA Israel Director and co-chair of “Legal Grounds” is working to provide legal and other tools to Israeli politicians […]

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SOURCE: Steve Emerson

Emerson: DNC Chair Hopeful Ellison Blasts Israel Influence, Praises/Supports Radical Islamists, Opposes Undivided Jerusalem and More
Date: 11.30.16

U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison’s announced earlier this month that he wants to be the Democratic National Committee Chair.. A 2010 audio of Ellison speaking at a private fundraiser obtained by the Investigative Project on Terrorism calls such praise into question. In a fairly intimate setting, Ellison lashed out at what he sees as Israel’s disproportionate […]

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SOURCE: Joel Pollak

ZOA Applauds ADL for Retracting Falsehood that Trump Chief Strategist Bannon is Anti-Semitic
Date: 11.17.16

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has backed away from its earlier accusations against Stephen K. Bannon, stating on its website: “We are not aware of any anti-Semitic statements from Bannon.” The statement appears at the end of an article on the ADL, “Stephen Bannon: Five Things to Know.” The “five things” are: Bannon has embraced the alt […]

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