BLOG BY: Zach Stern

Forget About a Palestinian State, But Blame the PA
Date: 03.26.15

Regardless of who sits as Israel’s Prime Minister and regardless of any comments Bibi made about a Palestinian state, one can take a look at the facts and realize quickly that a Palestinian state will not come into being because the Palestinian Authority (PA) has no interest in peace with Israel. It would also be […]

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BLOG BY: Daniel Mandel

Israelis Go With a Firm Leader: Opposing View
Date: 03.20.15

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appears to have won a handsome election victory following a grueling campaign, complete with foreign government money, including indirectly from the U.S. State Department, going to his opponents. In order to win, Netanyahu is held now to have reneged on his 2009 in-principle, hedged commitment to reaching a peace agreement with […]

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BLOG BY: Susan Tuchman and Morton Klein

Universities Punish Bigotry, But Not When It’s Anti-Jewish
Date: 03.20.15

Last week, the University of Oklahoma appropriately responded, swiftly and strongly, when members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity sang anti-black chants that included the “n” word and references to lynching.  The university expelled two students and shut down the entire fraternity chapter, even though not all the fraternity members were involved in the incident.  […]

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BLOG BY: Morton Klein and Daniel Mandel

Op-ed: Without Senate Approval, Next President Can Void Iran Deal
Date: 03.16.15

The Obama Administration, Vice President Joseph Biden in particular, has waxed indignant over a letter co-signed by 47 Republican senators to the Iranian leadership warning that, without Congressional approval, any agreement on the Iranian nuclear program signed by President Barack Obama will be subject to reversal by a future president. Biden accuses the Republicans of […]

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SOURCE: Jennifer Rubin

Wash Post: Hillary Clinton Enables Obama’s Anti Israel Vendetta
Date: 03.31.15

While Hillary Clinton won’t say anything of substance herself, the New York Times reports her views on Israel via a third party, Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations: “Secretary Clinton thinks we need to all work together to return the special U.S.-Israel relationship to constructive footing, […]

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SOURCE: Elder of Ziyon

J-Street Speaker Calls for Destruction of Israel – To Applause
Date: 03.30.15

Here is Marcia Freedman, in a J-Street panel discussion on Liberal Zionism and sitting next to Peter Beinart, describing how she believes that the Jewish people should not have a state, and that instead they should live as a minority in an Arab Palestine as a “protected minority” – in other words, as dhimmis. I […]

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