BLOG BY: Morton A. Klein

ZOA Op-Ed in Jewish News on Booker’s Guest, Shedeed
Date: 02.11.16

Rabbi Clifford Kulwin naively and wrongly claims that Ahmed Shedeed, president of the Islamic Center of New Jersey, whom U.S. Sen. Cory Booker brought as his guest to the State of the Union address, “is precisely the kind of Muslim we Jews should be praising, and reaching out to.” (“The kind of Muslim leader we […]

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BLOG BY: Morton A. Klein & Susan Tuchman, Esq.

ZOA Op-Ed in J Weekly: Double Standard Prevails Amid Threats to U.C. Berkeley Jews
Date: 02.08.16

After years of urging the University of California Board of Regents to take a strong stand against campus anti-Semitism, the regents will soon be issuing a statement that will hopefully address the problem in a meaningful way. But as regent Bonnie Reiss eloquently stated at the board’s November meeting, the hostile climate for Jewish students […]

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BLOG BY: Senator Greenleaf

Letter by Senator on Opposition to BDS
Date: 01.28.16

The following letter was written by Pennsylvania Senator Stewart Greenleaf, who sponsored a PA anti-BDS bill, and addressed to one of his constituents.  The constituent wrote to the Senator about her opposition to the bill, and the attached is the Senator’s response: Dear Ms. Kemp,            Thank you for your recent letter expressing opposition to Senate Resolution 136. […]

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BLOG BY: Tatiana Uklist

Eco-Community Rotem, Israel
Date: 01.07.16

Today, and this weekend specifically, the group had the opportunity to see a side of Israel that not many programs take you to see. It’s been a really interesting and eye opening weekend and I am really excited to bring this perspective back to campus as an active Israel activist. As an activist on a college […]

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Steve Emerson, Terrorism Expert: Obama Speaking at US Mosque Associated with Terrorism and Israel Bashing
Date: 02.03.16

Barack Obama is scheduled to visit the Islamic Society of Baltimore (ISB) Wednesday, his first visit to a U.S. mosque since becoming president.ISB leaders have amassed a record of support for radical Islamic causes over the years, including endorsing the Chechen jihad and Palestinian suicide bombings. Its former imam was active in a charity later […]

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SOURCE: Donald Snyder

German Jews Fear Anti-Semitism of Muslim Immigrants
Date: 01.28.16

As Germany’s dwindling survivors of Nazi death camps mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day Wednesday, they and younger members of the nation’s Jewish community are fearful of a new tide of anti-Semitism driven by old hatred and a new influx of Muslim refugees.Commemoration of the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, the camp in Poland where […]

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