OP-ED BY: Morton A. Klein, Elizabeth Berney and Daniel Mandel

ZOA Op-Ed: Critics Fail to Refute ZOA’s Concerns about NSC’s McMaster
Date: 08.30.17

The Zionist Organization of America’s August 2017 report detailed US National Security Chief General H.R. McMaster’s troubling record regarding Iran, Israel and radical Islamist terrorism. McMaster’s statements and actions appear to be diametrically opposed to President Donald Trump’s support for Israel, opposition to the Iran nuclear deal and determination to name and combat radical Islamist terrorism. Critics […]

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ZOA’s Klein Breitbart Article: Palestinians Won’t Accept Peace With Israel
Date: 08.29.17

The Israelis whose lives are at stake and the authentic U.S. pro-Israel community have long understood that a Palestinian Arab state would be a Hamas-Fatah-ISIS-Iranian regime terrorist state that endangers Israel’s heartland. Such a state would be a launching pad for non-stop attacks on innocent Israeli civilians. Indeed, the Maagar-Mochot poll in January found that Israelis overwhelmingly […]

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OP-ED BY: Steve Feldman, Lee Bender, and Kevin Ross

ZOA Op-Ed: Waters’ Support of BDS, Criticism of Israel Worthy of Denigration – Jewish Exponent
Date: 08.23.17

Roger Waters, the former Pink Floyd bass player, is part of a chorus of activists who claim that they are not anti-Israel nor anti-Jewish, but rather that they are pro-“Palestinian.” By many media accounts, the Palestinian-Arabs are beset with societal problems — not enough energy, poor sewage systems, no opportunity for political dissent; neither the […]

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OP-ED BY: Len Getz

ZOA Op-Ed: PA Lies to American Presidents
Date: 07.14.17

When Mahmoud Abbas visited the White House in May, he assured Donald Trump that “we are raising our children, our grandchildren on a culture of peace.” But when President Trump met with Abbas in Bethlehem, the US leader was furious. “You lied to me,” Trump reportedly said. “The Israelis showed me that you are involved in incitement.” Indeed, there’s an abundance […]

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SOURCE: Dr. Aaron Lerner

Israel’s Sanitized Report of Netanyahu – Abbas Conversation Makes Abbas Look Better
Date: 07.14.17

A comparison of the official Palestinian and official Israeli reports of the Netanyahu-Abbas conversation finds that the sanitized report issued by Israel puts Abbas in a far more favorable light than he deserves. As the official PLO news agency WAFA notes, Abbas indicated that he considers Israel’s closure of the al-Aqsa mosque to be just […]

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SOURCE: Prof. Malvina Halberstam, Esq.

Solutions: Is the “Two State” Solution the Only Solution, the Best Solution, a Viable Solution?
Date: 05.23.17

The “two state solution” has been invoked, almost as a mantra, by the UN, the EU, the media, various states, including the U.K and the US, sometimes as the “only solution”. For example, the Joint Declaration of the Paris Middle East Peace Conference, Jan. 15, 2017, … reaffirmed that a negotiated solution with two states, […]

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