BLOG BY: Daniel Mandel Director, Center for Middle East Policy

ZOA’s Daniel Mandel owns Palestinian Journalist on Gaza hostilities
Date: 08.04.14

Historian, Publicist and Fellow in History at Melbourne University (Australia), Middle East Policy Expert Professor Daniel Mandel along with Independent Palestinian- based Journalist Yousef Al-Helou who spoke to us on the highly controversial Israel/Gaza Conflict.            

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BLOG BY: Sam Levine Executive Director, ZOA West

Col. Allen West’s Dedication to the Jewish State
Date: 07.25.14

Former Congressman, and Col. Allen West just wrote the following note on his Facebook page: “Just got a call about the possibility of flying over to Israel next week to speak regarding the current conflagration facing our best ally. What an incredible and special honor it would be to be able to personally let the people [...]

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BLOG BY: Amanda Botfeld

Terrorist 1 or Terrorist 2
Date: 07.25.14

Hamas, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, is the name of the organization that governs the Gaza strip. It is a violent group that conducts suicide bombings and launches rockets at Israel. It distributes anti-Semitic propaganda and denies Israel’s right to exist. In 1997, the U.S. declared officially recognized the group as a terrorist organization. [...]

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BLOG BY: Susan Tuchman, Tammi Rossman-Benjamin

UCLA Must End Harassment and Bullying of Jewish Students
Date: 06.26.14

In an attempt to target, harass and intimidate pro-Israel Jewish students at UCLA, Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) recently demanded that candidates for student government positions sign a statement pledging they will not go on any trip to Israel sponsored by three Jewish organizations. Notably, SJP has targeted only Israel and three Jewish organizations that sponsor [...]

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UNRWA School Attack For Which Israel Was Condemned Was Staged By Hamas
Date: 08.06.14

 The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) has pointed to emerging and strong evidence that the death of Arab Gazan civilians blamed on an Israeli strike upon an UNWRA school earlier this week –– for which the Obama Administration condemned Israel –– was in fact staged by Nazi-like  terrorist group Hamas.   The ZOA has called upon [...]

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PA’s Falsely Labeled ‘Moderate,’ Abbas Backs Hamas
Date: 07.30.14

The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) today pointed to support for Hamas and global terrorism given publicly by Palestinian Authority (PA leader Mahmoud Abbas. Abbas, often and wrongly dubbed a ‘moderate’ who opposes terrorism, said he supports Hamas’ ceasefire demands, which would include a weakening of Israel’s legitimate naval blockade of Gaza in order to prevent offensive [...]

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