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OP-ED UN’s Placing Israel on Its ‘List Of Shame’ Is Another Antisemitic Disgrace – ZOA’s Mort Klein Op-Ed In Israel Hayom, Israel’s Largest Newspaper

By Morton A. Klein (June 10, 2024 / Israel Hayom) On November 10, 1975 – the 37th anniversary of the Nazis’ nationwide Kristallnacht pogrom against German Jews, the United Nation General Assembly passed infamous Resolution 3379, calling Zionism – the national liberation movement of the Jewish people – a form of “racism.” U.S. Ambassador to […]

OP-ED Biden’s Israelophobic Actions Show Sinister Intent, Not Election Concerns: ZOA’s Mort Klein’s Israel Hayom Op-Ed

What explains President Joe Biden’s anti-Israel actions since Oct. 7? Painfully, the facts require that we recognize that it’s Biden’s longstanding animus toward the Jewish State. By Morton A. Klein (May 21, 2024 / Israel Hayom) I’m often asked the following: “What explains President Joe Biden’s anti-Israel actions since Oct. 7?”; “Why is Biden stopping […]

OP-ED VADM Connor/Lt Gen Fiel/Lt Gen Mills on Destroying Hamas in Rafah (19FortyFive)

Israel Must Act: Leaving Hamas In Rafah Is Simply Not An Option By Vice Admiral Michael Connor, USN (ret.), Lieutenant General Eric Fiel, USAF (ret.), and Lieutenant General Richard Mills, USMC (ret.) (May 1, 2024 / 19FortyFive) Attention is focused on Iran after its massive drone and missile attack against Israel on April 13, and […]

OP-ED ZOA’s Mort Klein Quoted in Wall Street Journal: Israel and the Democrats

RFK Jr. and John Fetterman buck the party by standing up for the Jewish state. By William McGurn (April 1, 2024 / WSJ) Ever since President Harry S. Truman became the first world leader to recognize Israel in 1948, supporters of the Jewish state have considered the Democratic Party their political home. But the war […]

OP-ED JNS’ Tobin: US Jewish Groups, Except ZOA, Support Biden’s Efforts Thwarting Will of Israeli People

The expectation that the impact of the Oct. 7 attacks and a surge in antisemitism would prompt a shift in the way Jewish groups operate was probably misplaced. By Jonathan S. Tobin (February 27, 2024 / JNS) For a few weeks after the Oct. 7 attacks, it seemed as if American Jewry was waking up. […]

OP-ED Biden to Propose Anti-Israel, Pro-Hamas Resolution to UN Security Council to Force Temporary Cease-Fire on Israel, Halt Rafah Offensive – Fox News

By Benjamin Weinthal FEBRUARY 19, 2024 JERUSALEM — The Biden administration is reportedly taking its goal of a temporary cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war to the U.N. Security Council as early as Tuesday. The administration is said to have proposed a draft U.N. Security Council resolution which in part would call for a temporary cease-fire […]

OP-ED Haaretz’s Chief Misrepresented Moshe Dayan’s Prescient Warning – ZOA’s Berney/Klein JNS Op-Ed

By Morton A. Klein and Elizabeth A. Berney, Esq. Morton A. Klein is the national president of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA). Elizabeth Berney, Esq. is the director of research and special projects at the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA). (FEBRUARY 15, 2024 / JNS) Aluf Benn, the editor-in-chief of the far-left Israeli daily […]

OP-ED “Broadway Cares” Charity Misleadingly Gives Funds to Hamas-Controlled Gaza, But Not Israel –

By Susan B. Tuchman, Esq. and Morton A. Klein Susan B. Tuchman is the director of the Zionist Organization of America’s Center for Law and Justice. Morton A. Klein is the national president of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA). (FEBRUARY 19, 2024 / JNS) If you’re a Broadway theater fan, you’re probably familiar with […]

OP-ED Witnessing Israelis’ Will to Fight on Until Complete Victory – ZOA’s Michigan Director’s JNS Op-Ed

By Kobi Erez (FEBRUARY 6, 2024 / JNS) Sitting on an El Al plane waiting to take off, I realized that, for the first time on my many flights to Israel, I was happy to see not even one empty seat on the plane. Even though Israel is considered a war zone—in fact, because of […]

OP-ED “Transfer” from Gaza is the Hamas War’s Biggest Taboo – NY Post, Dr. Mordechai Nissan, Hebrew Univ.

By Dr. Mordechai Nisan (FEBRUARY 10, 2024 / NYPOST) The massacre by Hamas of 1,200 Israelis last October 7 triggered the Israeli army’s invasion of the Gaza Strip to eradicate Hamas, demolish its military infrastructure and liberate 240 hostages from captivity. Nearly 28,000 Palestinians have died in the months since, according to the Hamas-run health […]