OP-ED BY: Morton A. Klein

ZOA’s Klein in Breitbart: World Leaders Ignore Dangers of Palestinian State
Date: 10.03.18

The long-standing platitude that peace can only come to Israel and Palestinian Arabs through the creation of a Palestinian state seems alive and well. Thus, at the September session of the United Nations General Assembly currently in progress, French president Emanuel Macron promoted its creation, saying that, “There is no other credible alternative to the […]

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OP-ED BY: Morton A. Klein and Susan B. Tuchman, Esq.

ZOA Op-Ed in JNS: US Gov’t New Stand Against Anti-Semitism by Reopening ZOA Case Against Rutgers
Date: 09.27.18

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) recently delivered welcome news for Jewish students. OCR reopened a student-backed civil-rights case brought by the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) against Rutgers University. Importantly, in deciding to reassess whether Jewish students at Rutgers were harassed and discriminated against in violation of Title VI of the […]

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LA Times Letter: ZOA’s Tuchman Refutes Error-Filled Times’ Editorial on Anti-Semitism
Date: 09.21.18

To the editor: The State Department definition of anti-Semitism now being used by the Department of Education isn’t some “dangerously broad” leap by the Trump administration. It’s essentially what the State Department has been using since it was mandated by a 2004 law to document and combat acts of anti-Semitism globally. The State Department definition […]

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OP-ED BY: Jeff Daube, Director, ZOA Israel

ZOA’s Daube’s Thoughts – He Was Friend of Ari Fuld Who Was Murdered by Arab Terrorist
Date: 09.18.18

An enormous void was felt this week, brought about through pure evil, with the cowardly terrorist murder of Ari Fuld HY”D, my dear friend and colleague. Ari had an abiding respect for ZOA, particularly, what he recently characterized for his Facebook followers as the “last one standing.” He strongly identified with the ZOA message and method, as was […]

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SOURCE: Caroline Glick

JPost: Caroline Glick’s Concerns About AIPAC
Date: 09.17.18

By the time the British Labour Party finally bowed to public pressure and adopted the full definition of antisemitism determined by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance on Wednesday, the move was no longer meaningful. After a summer of insisting that it’s okay to say Zionism is Nazism and that Zionists have no sense of irony, […]

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President Trump Signs Defense Bill with Pro-Israel Provisions
Date: 08.14.18

President Trump signed into law yesterday the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019, the U.S. defense budget bill for the coming Fiscal Year. Included in this bill are provisions to authorize $500 million for U.S.-Israel missile defense cooperation and up to $50 million for U.S.-Israel counter-tunnel cooperation. It authorizes funding […]

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