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OP-ED BY: Morton A. Klein and Susan B. Tuchman, Esq. ZOA Op-Ed: NYU Must Act Against Anti-Israel Student Groups

Jewish and pro-Israel students on many college campuses have had to contend with the hateful and divisive tactics of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and anti-Israel collaborators like Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP).  They’ve endured threats and harassment.  Their speakers have been disrupted, their signs defaced, and their events shut down.  Such menacing behavior […]

OP-ED BY: Mark Levenson, Esq. and Elizabeth Berney, Esq. ZOA Op-Ed: Shmuley Boteach Hypocritically Praises Holocaust-Minimizing Polish Leader — Lies about Jewish Leaders Qatar Visits

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach has once again displayed mind-boggling hypocrisy. Boteach went to Poland and met with and lavished praise on Poland’s prime minister, who recently signed a despicable law that criminalizes speaking about Poles’ complicity in the Holocaust, which Israel rightly condemned. In doing so, Boteach quite possibly harmed Israeli and others efforts to overturn this […]

OP-ED BY: Morton A. Klein and Elizabeth Berney, Esq. ZOA Op-Ed in JNS Condemning Natalie Portman’s Shameful Remarks on Israel

When you truly love a person or a country, you are extremely grateful for those people who help and protect that person; you appreciate the brave young soldiers who protect the country you love. But for Natalie Portman—like others on the extreme, frightened left—“loving” and “caring for” Israel means vilifying and demonizing those who risk […]

OP-ED BY: SUSAN B. TUCHMAN AND ALAN D. JAY ZOA Op-Ed in JNS: Rutgers Must Discipline Anti-Semitic Professor

Rutgers University held a day-long program last month on “Fighting Hate While Preserving Freedom: A Best Practices Forum.” Under President Robert Barchi’s leadership, a number of distinguished speakers talked about fighting back against hatred, including anti-Semitism, without infringing on the right to free speech. Forums like this one can be useful, but talk is no […]

Could Alan Dershowitz/Mort Klein Rescue Israeli Held Hostage By Hamas? – The Forward

The article below explains that both ZOA’s Morton Klein and Alan Dershowitz are working hard on Qatar officials to free kidnapped Israelis and the bodies of two Israeli soldiers from Hamas captivity. Dershowitz and Mort Klein both began this effort at their recent numerous meetings with the Emir and top Qatar officials in Doha: * […]

Israel Nat’l News: Geraldo Rivera Supports Arafat Intifada that Murdered 2000 Jews, Maimed 10,000

An American pro-Zionist organization has called for Fox News to dump one of its commentators, after he expressed support for the anti-Israel violence in the early 2000s commonly referred to as the “Second Intifada”. Geraldo Rivera, one of American television’s most recognizable personalities stepped up his criticism of the Jewish state recently, while promoting his latest book The […]

Leading Terror Victims’ Attorney and ZOA Demand Congressional Hearings: Why did U.S. Government Side with PLO/PA in Sokolow Terrorism Case?

A lawyer who represents American victims of terrorism has called on the U.S. Senate to hold hearings into the events that led Department of Justice Solicitor General Noel Francisco to file a brief with the United States Supreme Court siding with the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Palestinian Authority against American victims of terror. A […]

OP-ED BY: Morton A. Klein, Susan B. Tuchman, Esq., and David Schoen, Esq. JNS: ZOA Op-Ed – U.S. Government Supports the Terrorists, and Not the Victims, in Lawsuit

Victims of international terrorism suffered a terrible blow this week when the United States Supreme Court declined to hear Sokolow v. Palestine Liberation Organization, a case brought by American citizens killed or injured in terrorist attacks committed in the early 2000s in Israel by the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Palestinian Authority. It was the last […]

Breitbart: Why is ZOA Only Group Outraged/Demanding Firing Geraldo Rivera for Supporting Murder of Israeli Jews?

For the past week, left-wing gun control activists, egged on by Parkland, Florida, school shooting survivor David Hogg, have urged companies to stop advertising on Laura Ingraham’s show, The Ingraham Angle, on Fox News. Ingraham’s “crime” was to accuse Hogg of whining about not being accepted into four University of California schools. But another Fox News […]

ZOA Head in JPost: Arab Nazi-Like Hamas Responsible for Violence On Gaza Border

“The Nazi-like terror group Hamas” is responsible for the violence that left 17 dead and hundreds more injured after violent clashes erupted on the Gaza border on Friday, head of the Zionist Organization of America Mort Klein told The Jerusalem Post. “What I am painfully and frightfully reminded of by Israel’s necessary defensive actions, is that the […]