Emergency Mission to Capitol Hill 2015

Join ZOA for an emergency mission to Capitol Hill, Washington D.C. on Wednesday, September 9, 2015 for one-day of lobbying against the catastrophic nuclear deal with the terrorist supporting Islamic Republic of Iran

This deal does NOT dismantle their nuclear program; but it does:

·       Enable Iran to develop nuclear weapons in 10 years or less

·       Provide hundreds of billions of dollars in sanctions relief and unfreezing assets which will surely be used to fund and arm Islamic terrorists like Hamas, Hezbollah and others – after all Iran is the world’s largest funder of Islamic-terrorist groups in the world;

·       Require at least 24 days before inspecting suspected military or other non-declared nuclear sites; allows development of intercontinental ballistic missiles which can carry nuclear weapons and reach America;

·       Allow purchase of conventional weapons after 5 years and any missiles after eight years

·       Requires the US to train Iran to stop Israeli or other sabotage of their nuclear program

·       Will cause Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt and others to develop or buy nuclear weapons which would make the Mideast an explosive tinderbox, and on and on.

This deal is a serious danger to American security and is an existential danger to the Jewish State.
The Iranians are serious about doing harm to Israel and the US. They have regular rallies, even now, proclaiming Death to America and Death to Israel. Their leaders state that saying “Death to America and Israel is easy, we need Death to America and Israel with action.”

Iran’s leaders state that destroying the Jewish State is non-negotiable, it must be annihilated. The Shiite Muslims believe that a cataclysmic war is necessary to cause the arrival of the Mahdi, the Islamic messiah, after which time the world will be ruled by Muslims – all other governments will fall. This is their religious theology.
This is the most dangerous time for America and Israel since the 1930’s. The Jews were silent then – we dare not be silent now.
This is your personal opportunity to make your voice heard.           

Join ZOA for our Mission to Washington on Wednesday, September 9, 2015. Let your Senators and House Members know how you feel.      

I look forward to personally greeting you.



Morton A. Klein

National President, ZOA


P.S. Your children and grandchildren will be proud of you… and grateful. You will be proud of yourself.  

P.P.S. Visit ZOA’s website for details or see the attached information sheet. And, please, as you love Israel, share this with your family, friends and acquaintances.