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Ways to Advocate for Israel and Combat Antisemitism

We all know that we cannot be silent, especially after Hamas’ unspeakably horrific, sadistic murders, rapes, torture and kidnapping of Israel families and children; and after the daily terror attacks throughout Israel instigated by the Palestinian Authority and its “pay to slay” payments rewarding terrorists for killing Jews; and after increasing antisemitic acts right her in the U.S. and on our college campuses.  Your help, and your voice in the ongoing battle for American hearts and minds, is incredibly valuable.  This page lists ways that you – our grass roots advocates – can help.  Some items just take a few minutes.  Please also check back for updates; watch for our Action Alerts; and come to our activists’ meetings if you can.

  1. Please call your U.S. House Member, both U.S. senators, and Pres. Biden to:
  • Thank those who issued statements supporting Israel;
  • Ask them continue supporting Israel’s right and obligation to eradicate Hamas, however long it takes, to ensure that Hamas can never slaughter innocent Jews again;
  • Provide Israel with whatever it needs for the multi-front war that has started;
  • Provide immediate funding for Israel’s extraordinary defense needs now, without tying this to anything that may generate controversy and lengthy Congressional battles, such as funding for Ukraine. (On Oct. 19, Biden called for a joint package with Ukraine funding.)
  • Demand that Biden insist that Hamas must release the hostages before any aid is sent to Gaza. (Biden is sending aid and $100 million to Gaza, without insisting on releasing the hostages first!!)

The U.S. Capitol switchboard number (for reaching both Senators and House members) is: (202) 224-3121
In addition, ZOA published every Senators’ contact information (phone, twitter account and email) and initial statement about the Hamas attacks at:  https://zoa.org/2023/10/10448596-zoa-action-alert-update-info-re-defense-against-hamas-massive-attack/.
Pres. Biden’s contact info is: Comments phone: 202-456-1111; Switchboard: 202-456-1414; Twitter: @POTUS

  1. Buy Israeli products. Because hundreds of thousands of Israelis were called into the IDF Reserves, the Israeli economy needs a boost.
  2. Call in to local talk radio shows. Many local shows are discussing Israel and Gaza. Your voice and your facts can have great impact. Speak about Israel’s need to self-defense, that Israel has offered land for peace – they gave land to the Palestinian-Arabs, but did not get peace in return; and that the terrorists target civilians while Israel does its utmost to safeguard civilians.
  3. Stage small rallies near busy intersections or highway overpasses with Israeli and American flags and signs. Even a few people safely away from traffic with signs such as “Support Israel,” “Israel Must Defend Itself” and “Honk if you support Israel” can have a direct impact and subliminal effect.
  4. Call news directors at local TV and news radio stations, and ask them to use accurate terminology and to correct falsehoods. For example: Israel is not “retaliating”; rather Israel is eliminating the danger to her people.   Israel cannot let Hamas butcher innocent Jewish civilians again.
  5. Lobby local officials in cities, townships, counties and state houses to pass pro-Israel resolutions. (We will post sample resolutions.  Please check back and/or contact liz@zoa.org for assistance.)
  6. Purchase Israeli flags online or in stores (ideally those made in America) in volume and give them away.   Ask neighbors to display them.
  7. Go to local and national news websites to look for polls that ask about support for Israel and participate and encourage others to do likewise. Vote in favor of support for Israel.
  8. Call local K-12 school officials – principals, superintendents, world history or history department heads. Find out what they are teaching and saying about the Palestinian-Arab war against Israel, and also where they are directing teachers and students to find more information. Offer/ask that they include honest, pro-Israel or non-biased sources.
  9. Share posters of the hostages taken by Hamas, and demand their safe return.
  10. Join or organize pro-Israel alumni groups to push for college officials to protect Jewish students, issue strong statements condemning Hamas, and dismiss antisemitic professors that blood libel Israel and torment Jewish and pro-Israel students.
  11. Watch for ZOA Action Alerts. (We’ll also try to post notices of these here.)
  12. Pray. The Prayer for Israel and the Prayer for the IDF are below.
  13. Join ZOA activism meetings. We will send out and post here info on the next meeting.
  14. Check ZOA resources and the ZOA website, and attend ZOA webinars for factual information. (More will be posted here soon.)

Feel free to contact ZOA at info@zoa.org or liz@zoa.org