ZOA In Israel



What We Do

ZOA in Israel is serving as an organizer, facilitator, and go-to and go-between resource, for pro-Israel advocacy and activism originating in Israel.

Nearly a decade since its formation, ZOA in Israel continues to advance laws, policies, and practices focused on Israel’s sovereignty and security, and on recognition of Israel’s legitimacy and national rights. Ready access in Israel to public officials, NGO activists and active citizens hailing from multiple continents means numerous opportunities for ZOA in Israel to impart the ZOA perspective on the contentious related issues.  

ZOA in Israel also provides information and support services. Israeli cabinet ministers, members of Knesset, members of Congress, and U.S. State and Justice Department bureau chiefs increasingly rely on these, as do many others in government and from local and foreign media. Israel allied groups including ZOA leaders, professionals, members, and students call on us regularly for input and assistance as well.

How We Do It

ZOA’s program in Israel emphasizes network building and education to spotlight vital concerns long neglected or underserved by Israel’s leadership, and by mainstream Israel advocacy organizations in turn. ZOA in Israel works directly with representatives of the Israeli and U.S. governments, among other collaborations, keeping them apprised of facts and realities on the ground while helping them shape legislation and policy to match.

Communications Triangle

ZOA in Israel has evolved a unique communications triangle connecting Knesset members with their counterparts in Congress to further mutual interests, and connecting both sets of leaders with the Americans in Israel they have in common as a constituency. Issues ZOA in Israel is addressing this way include:

Legal/Policy Issues

  • PA/Hamas hate propaganda, incitement to violence, and incentivization of terrorism
  • lax U.S. support for American terror victims in Israel and the pursuit of their Arab killers
  • understated threats to Israel, and to countries far beyond, from Islamism and Iran
  • State Department discrimination against Jewish presence and projects in Judea and Samaria
  • products labeling and other ruses for interfering in Israeli governance and democracy

Education Efforts

ZOA in Israel clarifies the issues for leaders in Israel with an eye toward getting them to articulate a more knowledgeable Zionist outlook. Current ZOA in Israel education activities aim to, in particular:

  • motivate MKs and diplomats to speak loudly and often about Israel’s solidly legal rights
  • secure precarious Jewish holy sites and communities under stress in eastern Jerusalem
  • expose Arab land grabs and criminal intimidations occurring in the Negev and Galilee
  • counteract the lies and maneuvers of anti-Israel BDS and similar anti-Semitic initiatives
  • steer the discourse toward alternatives to existentially dangerous Palestinian Arab statehood 
  • introduce law students, college elites and young activists to Israel/U.S. political processes

ZOA in Israel handles issues in four main areas: Advocating for U.S.-Israeli victims of terror, addressing necessary initiatives related to Har Hazietim and eastern Jerusalem, raising awareness of Arab media incitement, and addressing Israel’s legal grounds in Judea, Samaria, and eastern Jerusalem to ensure accurate messaging within international law.

For all inquiries, please email info@zoa.org.