Arafat’s Fatah Calls America And Israel “The Forces Of Evil”
March 12, 2002

ZOA: U.S. Should End Relations With Arafat Arafat’s Fatah Calls America And Israel “The Forces Of Evil”

NEW YORK- Yasir Arafat’s Fatah movement has issued a statement denouncing America and Israel as “the forces of evil.”

In an official editorial, the Fatah web site declared:

” Despite international protests, Bush believes the U.S. is going to achieve its dream of imposing its leadership on the world … After the easy victory they had in Afghanistan, [the Bush administration] imagined that the international support the U.S. received in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks would never diminish. Their vainglory made them believe that they still could go on with their war to invade other countries … To their surprise, they found that even their closest allies did not accept their plot … The U.S. administration encouraged by the Zionist lobby arrogantly insists that it will attack Iraq regardless of international protests…

“We all remember how in 1990 the then-President, George Bush, forged an alliance of thirty countries to launch his war against Iraq under the pretext of liberating Kuwait … Israel and the U.S. are enhancing their military strategic alliance in a way that serves their ends: to settle old scores with, first, Iraq, and then, the Palestinian people, as a prerequisite for plotting against Arab and Muslim countries … To defeat the forces of evil, Arabs need to transcend their minor differences and self-interests … [We] look forward to a new world order that is free from the hegemony of the U.S., the new Rome. The unity of nations is necessary to attain salvation away from the tendencies of tyranny.”

Morton A. Klein, National President of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), said: “While Americans are mourning the September 11 attacks, and while American soldiers are risking their lives to fight terrorists in Afghanistan, Yasir Arafat’s Fatah movement is inciting Palestinian Arabs to hatred and violence against America. It is astonishing that the U.S. continues giving $100-million to the Palestinian Arabs each year, even though their regime calls America ‘evil.’ We urge the Bush administration to (1) end all relations with Arafat and the Palestinian Authority, (2) halt all funding to the Palestinian Arabs.”

(For a detailed list of recent anti-American statements by Arafat, his aides, and the PA media, call the ZOA at 212-481-1500.)

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