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Bolton: Biden Gave Iran Yet Another Win by Pressing Israel to Go Easy on the Terrorist State

By John Bolton (April 21, 2024 / NYP) With Israel facing overwhelming pressure from President Biden, its Friday retaliation against Iran was an exercise in minimalism. Jerusalem did cross one important Iranian red line, at whose mere mention the Biden administration has quailed. Bibi Netanyahu’s war cabinet authorized an overt attack against a target on […]

Bolton: Biden “Embarrassment to the U.S.” for Asking Israel to Not Retaliate Against Iran

By Pam Key (April 14, 2024 / Breitbart) Former National Security Advisor John Bolton claimed Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that President Joe Biden is “an embarrassment to the United States” for encouraging Israel not to retaliate against Iran. Bolton said, “Last night, the Iranians launched 320-plus cruise and ballistic missiles and drones. It’s […]

ZOA Praised: Pro-Israel Americans Need to Stop Cowering and Start Protesting – Tobin, JNS

After months of biased news coverage and open antisemitism, friends of the Jewish state need to take back the streets and tell Biden that he should worry about them. By Jonathan S. Tobin (April 5, 2024 / JNS) The debate going on in the United States about Israel’s war against Hamas took a new and […]

Let the People Go! – ISRAPUNDIT

Gazans, desperate to relocate, represent less than one percent of recent global immigrations. Help them.  By Dr. Michael L. Wise  (April 5, 2024 / Israpundit) My grandson has been serving in Gaza since day one. When he had cell phone access, he told me that he saw many people walking south and east. Then he […]

Extremist, Jew-Hatred Enabler Adeel Mangi Must Not Be Confirmed as Federal Judge – ZOA’s Klein & Berney – JNS

(April 1, 2024 / JNS) Adeel Mangi is not a victim of “Islamophobia,” “bigoted smears” or anti-Muslim discrimination, as Timothy Lewis’s recent Philadelphia Inquirer op-ed asserted. The real reasons bipartisan senators, Jewish organizations and others oppose confirming Mangi as a federal appellate judge (one step below the U.S. Supreme Court) are the following: Mangi was […]

ZOA’s Mort Klein Quoted: After a Tense Call, Jewish Umbrella Group Says It Remains ‘Distressed’ with Sen. Schumer’s Call for Elections in Israel – JTA

By Ron Kampeas (March 19, 2024 / JTA) An umbrella group for large Jewish organizations said it remained “distressed” after a call with New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, who sought to explain his bombshell speech last week calling for new elections in Israel and saying Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had “lost his way.” Schumer, […]