Arafat Again Cites As His Model A 7th-Century “Peace” Treaty That Muslims Tore Up Once They Gained Upper Hand
May 16, 2002

Arafat Again Signals
Support for Murder

NEW YORK- While the Bush administration praised Yasir Arafat’s latest speech as “positive,” the text of the speech reveals that Arafat once again cited as his model a 7th-century Muslim “peace” treaty that the Muslims tore up as soon as they gained military advantage over their “peace partner.”

According to the official Palestinian Authority translation of Arafat’s speech before the Palestinian Legislative Council in Ramallah on May 15, 2002, Arafat said: “Let us remember the Hudibiyya Conciliation Accord out of our concern for the national and pan-Arab interest of our people and nation, and out of our concern for strengthening international solidarity with your people and your cause.”

The 7th-century Hudibiyya Agreement was a 10-year peace treaty signed by Mohammed, the founder of Islam, with the enemy tribe of Koreish. After two years, Mohammed’s military position improved, and he then tore up the agreement and slaughtered the Koreishites.

On numerous other occasions since the signing of the 1993 Oslo agreements, Arafat has assured Arab audiences that his treaties recognizing Israel are only temporary truces rather than genuine, permanent peace agreements. He has cited the accord signed by Salah a-Din, the Muslim leader who, after a cease fire, declared a jihad against the Crusaders and conquered Jerusalem; and the PLO’s 1974 “Strategy of Phases,” which seek Israel’s destruction in phases, by first establishing a small state in Judea-Samaria-Gaza, then later seeking to conquer the rest of Israel.

Morton A. Klein, National President of the Zionist Organization of America, said:

“Before rushing to praise Arafat’s speech, Bush administration officials should have taken a careful look at what he actually said. Once again, Arafat has signaled his people that peace agreements with Israel are temporary measures that are just for tactical gains, not genuine peace. The United States should be condemning Arafat’s speech and telling the truth about his intention to destroy Israel in stages.

“For eight years, the international community has been ignoring Arafat’s words promoting violence and terror. We dare not continue ignoring Arafat’s words, which are an open declaration of war against Israel.”

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