German Minister Ousted For Comparing Bush To Hitler; Yet World Is Silent When Arabs Do The Same Thing
September 24, 2002

NEW YORK – In response to the ouster of German Justice Minister Herta Daubler-Gmelin for having compared President Bush to Hitler, the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) points out that officials of the Palestinian Authority and Egypt have repeatedly compared America’s leaders to Hitler, yet there has never been any international outcry.

ZOA National President Morton A. Klein said: “We deplore the racist double standard by which non-Arab leaders are condemned and penalized for using inappropriate Hitler analogies, yet when Arab leaders do the same thing, the international community is silent, as if it is somehow expected or understandable that Arabs make extreme and inappropriate statements. This is wrong and racist. Anyone who makes such analogies should be denounced and treated as a pariah.”

Palestinian Authority:

* “USA Supports Holocaust Against Palestinians”: An editorial on the PA’s official web site, WAFA, on April 17, 2002, stated that “the USA administration approves our killing and Sharon massacring us…he is making a new holocaust against the Palestinians that exceeds the holocaust during the Nazi era.”

A WAFA editorial on April 8, 2002, asserted: “President Bush and the British prime minister, the heirs of the Palestinian historical ‘nakba’-Holocaust, are both responsible for every Palestinian drop of blood that has been shed in the Palestinian occupied lands by the Israeli criminal forces.”

A WAFA editorial on March 24, 2002, complained about what it called “the holocaust caused by the Jews, to the Palestinians, with the full knowledge of the USA administration.”

* “Powell is a Neo-Nazi”: PA cabinet minister Hassan Asfour said: “Powell is a neo-Nazi agent, who can be expected to bring with him some of the new poison which President Bush has started to spread in his speeches. We call upon the Arab leaders who intend to receive the neo-Nazi agent to beware.”

* “American Journalists Surpass Nazism”: In the August 29, 2001 issue of the official PA newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, editor Hafez al-Barghouti wrote that American journalists such as Charles Krauthammer and William Safire produce “beastly writings which surpass Nazism [and] require that their authors be tried in an international court, for they are considered inciters who have committed crimes against humanity.”

* “American Inspectors are Like Hitler”: In the February 8, 1998 issue of the official PA newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, editor Hafez al-Barghouti wrote that the American weapons inspectors in Iraq “belong to what we thought was an endangered species called Hitler.”


* “Rumsfeld is a new Hitler”: An article in the Egyptian government weekly Akhbar Al-Yom on August 17, 2002, by Kamal Abd Al-Raouf, declared: “[U.S.Secretary of Defense Donald] Rumsfeld is a new Hitler in America…ultimately, Rumsfeld will meet his fate, like the other crazies relegated to the dustbin of history.”

* “America is Worse Than Hitler”: An article in the Egyptian government daily Al-Ahram on January 26, 2002, by Anis Mansour: declared: “Hitler’s soldiers burned, strangled, and then killed. But America’s prisoners were transferred [from Afghanistan to Guantanamo Bay] in planes, on [a trip] lasting twenty hours. Under normal circumstances, the trip would not have been exhausting. But what was done to the prisoners is abominable!”

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