Palestinian Authority Officials Defend Saddam And Denounce America
February 5, 2003

Yet Bush Gives Them Funds
and Offers Them a State

NEW YORK- While the Bush administration is working to establish a Palestinian Arab state, the Palestinian Authority is continuing to incite Arab audiences to hate the United States and President Bush—and one of the leading inciters is a PA official who is supposed to be carrying out the U.S.-led drive to “reform” the PA.

PA Interior Minister Hani al-Hasan, who is supposed to be in charge of reforming the PA security forces, declared that any U.S. action against Saddam Hussein would actually be part of a conspiracy by President Bush to control Arab oil: “President George Bush believes that he has to impose the new world order and drive home the message that there is only one superpower that rules the world and has the right to distribute oil quotas to other countries. The US is striving to control every drop of [Arab] oil. The war against Iraq is first and foremost aimed at taking control over Iraq’s oil and dominating the entire Middle East.”

Hasan also claimed that there is a secret U.S. plan “according to which the Middle East would be divided into five areas. There will be five Islamic republics, with Turkey forming the major axis of these states, in addition to Egypt, Sudan, and Somalia. In order to achieve this goal, the US has to weaken Iraq. The Americans are now trying to pressure Turkey into agreeing to play a leading role in the new U.S. scheme and have offered one billion US dollars to that country as a first payment.” (Jerusalem Post, Feb.2, 2003)

The PA is continuing to permit mass rallies supporting Saddam Hussein and denouncing America. In one rally in Gaza on February 1, Imad Falouji, a top adviser to PA chairman Yasir Arafat, said that the Iraqis and the Palestinian Arabs are together “in one trench facing imperialist and Zionist conspiracies.” Falouji asserted that the steadfastness of both peoples, under “the wise leadership of Saddam and Arafat, will thwart all the plots to control the Middle East.”

Morton A. Klein, National President of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), said: “It is incredible that the Bush administration continues to push for creation of a Palestinian Arab state, and continues to give the Palestinian Arabs $150-million each year, when PA officials are openly inciting against America. The administration is sending a message to the PA that there will be no consequences for the PA’s constant promotion of anti-America and anti-Israel hatred and violence.”

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