PA Television Again Broadcasts Sermon Expressing Hope That “Americans Will Drown In Their Blood”
March 26, 2003

NEW YORK- Official Palestinian Authority Television has again broadcast a sermon expressing hope that “Americans will drown in their blood” —yet another blatant violation of the conditions that President Bush established in his June 24, 2002 speech.

President Bush said in his June 24, 2002 speech that the Palestinian Arabs must “end incitement to violence in official media.” (For a copy of the Zionist Organization of America’s detailed report on Palestinian Arab violations of President Bush’s conditions, call the ZOA at 212-481-1500.)

Official PA Television on March 21, 2003 broadcast a live sermon by Sheikh Ibrahim Mudayris, in the Sheikh Ijlin Mosque in Gaza, in which he said “Allah is stronger than the United States, Britain, and Israel, and he will avenge for his subjects from their enemies, the arrogant on this earth. Allah will drown the small pharaoh of our time, the president of the United States. America will drown in our seas. It will face death in our skies and lands, Allah willing. America and all tyrants will drown in their blood in our land, Allah willing.”

He added: “Here is the Crusader, Zionist United States waging war on our Iraq; Iraq of Islam and Arabdom, Iraq of civilization and history, Iraq of science, and Iraq of steadfastness. It is waging a Crusader, Zionist war on Iraq…Allah willing, the United States will be annihilated. Iraq, Palestine, the Arab homeland, and the Middle East will be a cemetery for the oppressive tyrannical invaders. O Allah, O Supporter of the oppressed, we have been treated unjustly in Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan. O Allah, destroy the pillars of America and Britain. O Lord, shake the land under their feet. O Allah, shake the land under Israel’s feet.”

Meanwhile, on the same day, official PA Radio broadcast a live sermon by Sheikh Muhammad Hussein in the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, in which he said: “From the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque we reject and condemn this criminal aggression against Iraq and its brave people…O Allah, O revealer of the Koran, mover of the clouds, and vanquisher of infidels, defeat the infidels and help us triumph over them. O Lord, face them and spare us their evil. O Allah, shake the land under their feet…O Allah, kill them all and leave no one alive.”

Morton A. Klein, National President of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), said: “Why does the Bush administration continue to support creation of a Palestinian Arab state and continue giving the Palestinian Arabs $150-million in taxpayers’ money each year, when they use those funds to incite against America and Israel, in violation of President Bush’s own demand that they stop their incitement? President Bush promised to end terrorist states, not create new ones. Establishing a Palestinian Arab state would, in effect, reward the Palestinian Arabs’ anti-Jewish terrorism and hatred.”

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