PA Television Broadcasts Sermon Mourning Fall Of Saddam & Accusing U.S. Of “Butchering Children”
April 28, 2003

New York – Official Palestinian Authority Television has broadcast a sermon mourning the defeat of Saddam Hussein and accusing the United States of “butchering Iraqi children” yet another blatant violation of the conditions that President Bush established in his June 24, 2002 speech. The PA’s new prime minister, Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), who has been praised by the Bush administration as a “moderate,” has taken no steps to halt the PA’s anti-American and anti-Israel incitement.

President Bush said in his June 24, 2002 speech that the Palestinian Arabs must “end incitement to violence in official media.” (For a coy of the Zionist Organization of America’s detailed report on Palestinian Arab violations of President Bush’s conditions, call the ZOA at 212-481-1500.)

Official PA Television on April 18, 2003 broadcast a sermon by Sheikh Ibrahim Mudayris, from the Ijlin Mosque in Gaza, in which he said that the Palestinian Arabs’ “hearts are bleeding painfully over what happened in Iraq. I know that your hearts were wounded by the fall of Baghdad…The children and women of Iraq are being butchered…America organizes the systematic destruction of Iraq. America organizes the looting, plundering, and destruction operations.” He concluded with a prayer for Allah to give victory for the Iraqis and the Palestinian Arabs “against the Jews, Britain, and the United States, and their allies.”

Meanwhile, the same day, PA Radio broadcast a sermon by Sheikh Yusuf Abu-Sneinah, in the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, in which he said: “Tomorrow, Iraq will witness a civil war encouraged by imperialist circles, because the United States wants to mutilate Iraq, wipe it off the map, plunder its resources, and achieve security for Israel.”

Morton A. Klein, National President of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), said: “If in the wake of the Iraq war, the Bush administration continues to support the creation of a Palestinian Arab state, it will simply be exchanging one anti-American terrorist regime for another. PA Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) is no moderate; he has openly called for the murder of all Israelis beyond the 1967 border, and he denies that the Holocaust took place. He has not outlawed terrorist groups, disarmed them, or shut down their training camps all in violation of President Bush’s June 24 conditions.”

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