ZOA: Instead Of Offering Condolences, U.S. Should Cut Off All Talks With Terrorist Palestinian Authority Regime
May 19, 2003

U.S. Policy Means No Price
is Paid for the PA’s Terrorism

NEW YORK- Instead of offering condolences to the latest Israeli victims of Palestinian Arab terrorism, President Bush should take a decisive step against Palestinian Arab terror by suspending all U.S. contacts with the terrorist Palestinian Authority regime.

The Zionist Organization of America’s National President Morton A. Klein, chairman of the board Dr. Alan Mazurek, and National Executive Committee chairman Dr. Michael Goldblatt have sent a telegram to President Bush, stating:

“We are troubled that you have responded to the latest Palestinian Arab terrorist attacks by pledging to continue with your “Road Map” plan to create a Palestinian Arab state—thus, in effect, rewarding the terrorists.

“The Israeli victims of terror appreciate the condolences you offered, but what a powerful message it would send to terrorists and their supporters if you announced that the U.S. is suspending all relations with the PA terrorist regime, and withdrawing support for creation of a Palestinian Arab state, until the PA arrests terrorists, confiscates their weapons, outlaws terror groups, changes their maps to show that Israel exists, and ends anti-Jewish incitement.

“By continuing relations with the PA as if nothing has happened, the Bush administration is sending a message that there is no price to be paid for this constant terrorism.

“What a powerful message it would send if you would respond to terrorism against Israel by announcing that the U.S. will fully support whatever military action Israel must take to defend itself. Instead, the terrorists know that if Israel hits back forcefully, the State Department will criticize Israel for “overreacting” and will continue pushing to give the PA a state.

“It is puzzling that your administration, which has shown strong moral courage by vigorously pursuing terrorists in Afghanistan and ousting the terrorist regime in Iraq, is pressuring Israel to accept a Road Map to the creation of a new terrorist state, a mini-Iraq within easy striking distance of Israel’s major population centers. You promised to end terrorist states, not create new ones.”

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