Abu Mazen’s Palestinian Authority Television Broadcasts Song Glorifying A Suicide Bomber
July 30, 2003

NEW YORK- In blatant violation of the Bush Road Map’s prohibition against incitement, Abu Mazen’s official Palestinian Authority Television has broadcast a new song glorifying a suicide bomber.

Idris was the first woman suicide bomber. Her attack in Jerusalem on Jan. 27, 2002, murdered one person and wounded over 150.

Palestinian Media Watch reports that a PA TV program on July 24, 2003, broadcast this song of praise about Idris:

My sister, Wafa, My sister, Wafa,
Oh, the heartbeat of pride,
Oh, blossom who was on the Earth and is now in heaven, (2x)
My sister, Wafa
Allah Akbar! Oh Palestine of the Arabs
Allah Akbar, Oh Wafa!
But you chose Shahada [martyrdom]
In death you have brought life to our will.
But you chose Shahada,
In death you have brought life to our will.

Earlier this summer, the PA-sponsored newspaper Al Ayyam (July 18, 2003) reported that a girls summer camp run by the PA Ministry of Youth and Sports, in the city of Kalkilya, is “named after the Shahida [martyr] Wafa Idris … about 100 girls participated [this summer].” The camp is funded in part by UNICEF.

There is also an officially-approved student organization named after Idris at the PA’s Al Quds Open University, in the town of Tubass.

Morton A. Klein, National President of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), said: “We urge the Bush administration to speak out against Abu Mazen’s continued public glorification of suicide bombers. These PA television broadcasts will incite young Arabs to murder more Jews. Ignoring these PA violations of the Road Map is repeating the central flaw of the Oslo process—silence in the face of PA violations encourages more PA violations.”

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