In Violation Of Road Map, Palestinian Authority Continues Inciting Arabs To Hatred And Violence Against Jews
July 11, 2003

NEW YORK- In blatant violation of President Bush’s Road Map, the Palestinian Authority Press Center continues to incite hatred and violence against Jews and Israel.

Palestinian Media Watch director Itamar Marcus, in a meeting with members of the European Parliament in Brussels this week, noted:

* “During their graduation ceremony Palestinian high school seniors in a Gaza high school this week listened to the words of the song, ‘With words and with a rifle we will sing…From Jerusalem to Gaza’.”

* “Only a few days ago, a Palestinian educational film opened with a film showing a map of all of Israel from Metulla to Eilat that was defined as Palestine. In the program it was said that: ‘Palestine is the heart of the Arab nation, if it does not remain whole the whole of the Arab nation will be weak’.”

* “The message that Jews are cold-blooded murderers continues in music videos and commercials. In one music video, a mother runs down the stairs to greet her daughter who is returning home from school with flowers and candy. The mother is killed by an Israeli soldier and in the next scene the girl is seen putting the flowers on her mother’s grave and singing about how much she misses her.”

* Ilka Schroder, a German Member of the European Parliament who attended the meeting with Marcus, said: “The growth of anti-Semitism in the Palestinian territories in the last few years is not an accidental phenomena. It is the result of a political strategy by the PA to mobilize people for an anti-Semitic war. Listening to the hate-speeches of Palestinian officials, their affirmations of their willingness to peace sound merely hypocritical. You cannot build a stable peace on the foundation of hate and anti-Semitism.” (Jerusalem Post, July 10, 2003)

Morton A. Klein, National President of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), said: “Ten years ago, in the Oslo accords, the Palestinian Arabs promised to end their incitement. In President Bush’s June 2002 speech, he again demanded they halt their incitement. More than five weeks ago, President Bush proclaimed the Road Map, which again demands a halt to incitement. Yet every day, the vicious anti-Israel and anti-American incitement continues in the official PA media, school textbooks, speeches, summer camps, and religious sermons. Ten years of broken promises, ten years of vicious incitement—incitement that continues at the very moment PA prime minister Abu Mazen is claiming that the PA is stopping its incitement.”

The ZOA notes that the official PA web site continues to publish vicious anti-Israel caricatures, such as:

#1 – Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, wearing a bloody shirt and brandishing a blood-drenched butcher knife over a bleeding Arab baby. The scene is a butcher shop, with two bodies hanging on meat hooks. One sign reads: “Palestinian Blood”; the other sign reads “Sale.”

#2 – Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, with blood dripping all over him, holds a knife dripping blood. Veteran Labor Party leader Shimon Peres holds a mop to wipe up the blood on the floor.

#3 – Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon holds a whip, aimed at an Arab tied to a post. Sharon is saying: “You must stop the violence.”

#4 – Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, wearing an army uniform, holds a list and a pencil. Next to him is an Israeli soldier holding binoculars and asking: “We’ve killed 80 Palestinian, is that enough?” Sharon replies: “Just 19 more…”

#5 – A Palestinian Arab woman holding a PLO flag in one hand throws a rock that bounces off the helmet of one of two Israeli soldiers in a tank. One soldier tells the other: “I told you before, all of them are terrorists.”

(Courtesy of Palestinian Media Watch)

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