Palestinian Authority Television Broadcasts Sermon Calling For “Defeat Of America”
September 16, 2003

It’s Time To End U.S. Aid
to the Palestinian Arabs

NEW YORK- The Palestinian Authority’s official television station has broadcast a sermon calling for the “defeat of America.”

Palestinian Media Watch reports that official PA Television broadcast a sermon on September 5, 2003, in which Sheikh Ibrahim Madiras said:

“If we go back 1400 years in time, we find that history is repeating itself, worshipers of Allah. The Prophet Mohammed . was besieged by two powers, Persia in the east and Rome in the west. These represent the Soviet Union and America of today. Persia represents Russia in the east, and America stands for Rome in the west. Persia fell first in the east, just as Russia fell first in the east, and America will fall, may it be Allah’s will, just as Rome fell in the west. However [the fall of] Rome necessitated further challenges, closing of ranks and Muslim sacrifices. The battle with Rome, in which its power ceased, necessitated challenges and resistance from the Muslims, just as America today, her allies and proteges, the Zionists and others, necessitate further sacrifices from our side and closing ranks, oh Muslims, and we will be victorious … The Prophet succeeded, through Muslim unity and arousing faith, in overcoming the America of then, just as we will defeat America … We will defeat her, may it be the will of Allah.”

Morton A. Klein, National President of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), said: “The Bush administration endorsed a Palestinian Arab state, repeatedly pressured Israel to make concessions to the Palestinian Arabs, and more than doubled U.S. aid to the Palestinian Arabs, to $215-million annually—and this is how the PA repays us, with vicious anti-American incitement. It’s time for the U.S. to halt all political and financial support for the Palestinian Arabs. The last thing we need now is to create another anti-American terrorist state.”

PA spokesmen and official PA publications have repeatedly made anti-American statements. For a free copy of the ZOA’s report, Anti-American Statements by Palestinian Arab Leaders, please call the ZOA at 212-481-1500.

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