Official Saudi Publication Says Jews Start Wars And Are Trying To Conquer The World; ZOA Urges Bush To Respond
August 25, 2004

More Reason to Support the
Saudi Arabia Accountability Act

NEW YORK – The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) is urging the Bush administration to speak out in response to the latest outburst of anti-Semitism in an official Saudi Arabian government publication.

The August 2004 issue of the Saudi Arabian army’s journal Al-Jundi Al-Muslim (The Muslim Soldier) includes an article which stated:

* “The majority of revolutions, coups d’etat, and wars which have occurred in the world [in the past], those that are occurring, and those that will occur, are almost entirely the handiwork of the Jews. They [the Jews] turned to [these methods] in order to implement the injunctions of the fabricated Torah, the Talmud, and the ‘Protocols [of the Elders of Zion’], all of which command the destruction of all non-Jews in order to achieve their goal – namely, world domination. In addition, they aspire to dominate the world in material, cultural, and spiritual terms in order to annihilate it.”

* “The Jews managed to receive the support of groups of individuals in the world through the means of religious distortions, whereby they deceived their victims [into believing] that they are the chosen people and that God wants them to once more take possession of Palestine.

* “World Jewry has established a shadow government run by 300 Satans who call themselves ‘elders.’ They always choose one man who is considered to be a king and to be the successor to King David and [King] Solomon. They do not reveal his name in public, and each time he dies they appoint another of the rabbis in his place.”

* “The Jews caused the outbreak of World War I and World War II, after they deceived the English into believing that they would be the sole beneficiaries of the First World War. The wealthy Jews made fantastic profits, paid for by the blood of millions of Englishmen, Americans, French, etc.”

* “The Jew Karl Marx was behind communism and socialism which destroyed human nature …the Jew [Sigmund] Freud was behind psychology which established the principles of wild sex and immorality.” (Translation courtesy of MEMRI)

ZOA National President Morton A. Klein said: “The Bush administration’s previous failure to speak out against Saudi attempts to blame terrorism on ‘Zionists’ sent a message to the Saudis that the U.S. will not oppose their vile attempts to incite hatred against Zionism, Israel, and Jews. President Bush must speak out now against the latest Saudi incitement — before the Saudis’ words of hate inspire even more violence against Jews and Israel.”

Saudi Arabia’s attempts to incite hatred and violence against Jews shows the need for the Saudi Arabia Accountability Act, new legislation that the ZOA has helped initiate. The bill, S.1888 / HR 3643, would impose sanctions on Saudi Arabia unless the Saudis stop funding terrorist groups and fully cooperate with U.S. efforts against terrorism. The sanctions would include halting U.S. military aid to Saudi Arabia and restricting the travel of Saudi diplomats within the United States.

The current sponsors in the Senate are Senators Specter (R-PA), Bayh (D-IN), Boxer (D-CA), Bunning (R-KY), Collins (R-ME), Dayton (D-MN), Feingold (D-WI), B. Graham (D-FL), L. Graham (R-SC), Johnson (D-SD), Lautenberg (D-NJ), Mikulski (D-MD) Murray (D-WA), Reid (D-NV), Schumer (D-NY), and Wyden (D-OR).

In the House, the sponsors are Representatives Allen (D-ME), Andrews (D-NJ), Berkley (D-NV), Bishop (D-GA), Cardoza (D-CA), Crowley (D-NY), J. Davis (R-VA), Deutsch (D-FL), Emanuel (D-IL), Evans (D-IL), Ferguson (R-NJ), Foley (R-FL), Frank (D-MA), Frost (D-TX), Garrett (R-NJ), Hill (D-IN), Hoeffel (D-PA), Israel (D-NY), Lowey (D-NY), Maloney (D-NY), Markey (D-MA), Matsui (D-CA), McCarthy (D-NY), McNulty (D-NY), Nadler (D-NY), Owens (D-NY), Pallone (D-NJ), Rothman (D-NJ), Rush (D-IL), Sandlin (D-TX), Musgrave (R-CO), Renzi, (R-AZ), Smith (R-NJ), Strickland (D-OH), Tauscher (D-CA), Waxman (D-CA), Weiner (D-NY), Wexler (D-FL), and Wolf (R-VA).

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