ZOA Condemns PA Leader & Holocaust Denier Abbas’ Silence After Palestinian Terrorists Murder 6 Israelis
January 14, 2005

New York – Three Palestinian Arab suicide bombers murdered 6 Israelis civilians and injured 5 others in Gaza yesterday. The newly elected leader of the Palestinian Authority and Holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas has not condemned the attack. Prime Minister Sharon also said that Holocaust denier Abbas “has taken no steps to end the incitement or the terror against Israeli Jews.”

The Al Aqse Martyr Brigades was one of the groups claiming responsibility. They are the same group that last week hoisted a smiling Abbas on the shoulders of Zacharia Zubeida, one of Israel’s most wanted men, while chanting pro-Abbas slogans.

ZOA President Morton A. Klein stated: Day after day PA Leader Mahmoud Abbas makes it clear that he is simply Yasir Arafat in a suit. At a minimum he must condemn unequivocally any murder of Israeli Jews by Palestinian Arabs. Instead he calls Israel the “Zionist enemy,” calls for “one big Jihad,” and calls Palestinian terrorists “heroes and strugglers,” in a series of recent speeches.

The ZOA calls for President Bush to not allow Holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas, Arafat’s top deputy for 40 years, and co-founder of the terror group Fatah to visit our White House. It will stain the image of our country as much as Arafat’s visits did. Mr. Bush should follow his own declaration, “we will not deal with Palestinian leaders compromised by terror.” And that means Abbas.

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