Rise In Palestinian Arab Incitement To Hate Israel, Jews And America
January 18, 2005

New York – Itamar Marcus, Director of the Palestinian Media Watch, stated that the Palestinian Authority (PA) has “increased the level of hate promotion by its leaders.” Not only has Mahmoud Abbas, President of the PA and Holocaust Denier, repeatedly referred to Israel as the “Zionist Enemy” and called for a “big jihad” against Israel, but the Friday TV sermons from the mosques have “returned to hate promotion.”

For example, Sheik Ibrahim Madiras in a recent PA-TV sermon preached about the corruption of the Jews, and blamed the tsunami disaster on the Jews and America. He also preached about the Palestinian longing for the destruction of Israel and America. Sheikh Madiras said, “the Jews corrupted the land, the Jews are Jews. Their disaster and custom are the corruption of this land. The Jews are a cancer that spreads inside the body of the Islamic and Arab nation…They invest in the East Asian countries, which were destroyed by the tsunami because of the Jewish and American corruption and destruction.” In another sermon the Sheikh proclaimed: “No to the return of the 67 borders. We are interested in returning to our genuine borders. We want to return to the 1948 (Pre-Israel) borders, and we will yet return to them, by Allah, even if it will take time.

“We are interested in returning to the 1936 borders, to the revolution…and we are interested in returning to 1929 borders…[a time when] a group of our grandfather and fathers became Martyrs for Allah in the Al-Buraq revolution, as they were defending the Al-Aqsa mosque from the Hagana gangs, Allah curse them and curse those who supported them. We want to return to 1919 borders…[We have a claim] which we can’t forget and will never forgive forever…[against] Britain and all governments who assisted that state [Israel] to be established on this land, which is a false state on a true land…

“America today, America is the sponsor of terror on this land. America, who pretends for freedom and pretends for democracy, is the sponsor of terror on the face of this land. America has reached her peak, we admit in it, America has reached a peak but, by Allah’s will, is on the way to the abyss. America, led by its president now, [who is] leading it to the abyss, to destruction, to death, by Allah’s will. America, for whom Bush dug a grave the day he invaded Afghanistan, and prepared the grave for burial the day he invaded Iraq, by Allah, America will be buried the day the American embassy will be moved to Jerusalem, and it will be the last nail in her coffin.”

The Palestinian Arab preacher Hayyan Al-Idrisi said in a Friday sermon last month, “The US heads the list of evildoers in the world…the US has already murdered millions…this is State terrorism.” (Translation courtesy of Palestinian Media Watch)

The official PA website, the International Press Center, continues to feature an inciting caricature of “Sharon the Butcher,” where Sharon is shown as a butcher holding a bloody butcher knife over a bleeding body that is lying on a butcher block. Behind him are two Palestinians hanging on meat hooks.

Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) President Morton A. Klein stated: “Despite some reports to the contrary, experts say that the promotion of hatred against Jews, Israel and America has been increasing in the PA media and sermons. It’s especially troubling that the Abbas-controlled TV continues to broadcast these horrifying sermons on PA-TV.

“The ZOA supports PM Ariel Sharon’s decision to end talks with PA President and Holocaust Denier Mahmoud Abbas until he ends the incitement, arrests the terrorists, dismantles the terror organizations, and collects the illegal weapons. We urge the Bush administration to end relations with Abbas as well.”

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