ZOA Launches New Student Magazine – The College Zionist
November 21, 2005

New York — The Zionist Organization of America’s Campus Activism Network launched a new pro-Israel student magazine called The College Zionist, which ZOA will distribute to over 100 campuses nationwide.

The magazine was organized and compiled by ZOA’s Director of Campus Activities, Julie Sager and published by the Zionist Organization of America. It was created to provide an outlet for Zionist college students nationwide to exchange ideas, to report on issues related to Israel and to tell the truth and reality of the continuing Arab war against Israel. The College Zionist gives students an opportunity to share their personal experiences related to Israel with their peers and encourages students to express their views about the situation in Israel. We also wanted students to learn why they should be proud of Israel, which is sometimes hard when they are so bombarded with anti-Israel propaganda on campus,” said Sager.

Articles in the winter 2006 edition that were written from students around the country including Columbia, UCLA, University of Chicago, Yeshiva University, Northwestern, Queens and Brooklyn Colleges, and Connecticut College. The articles written include Jerusalem, City of Dreams; Making Aliyah; A Call for Islamic Reformation; Zionism, Under A Red Cloak; The Battle for Hearts and Minds – A Look at Israel Activism on Campus; The Next Wave of Terror; The Dangers of a Palestinian Arab State; Israel as a World Technology Capital; Students on a Mission: On the ZOA Advocacy Mission to DC.

The Campus Activism Network of the Zionist Organization of America also launched a website to host the on-line version of the ZOA’s 24-page magazine. The site for The College Zionist is located at: www.thecollegezionist.org . The College Zionist website also provides links to the ZOA homepage, the ZOA’s National Speakers Bureau, upcoming ZOA Campus events, and an on-line application to the ZOA Student Leadership Mission in Israel, this winter.

ZOA President Morton A. Klein said, “We are proud of the work that Julie Sager and her team of talented college students performed in putting together this exciting new magazine. The ZOA saw a need to offset the barrage of leftwing and anti-Israel publications on campus distorting the truth and even propagating outright falsehoods about the Arab war against Israel. ZOA’s College Zionist magazine is an important step in helping to inspire students to give Israel the support and love that it deserves as well as to learn how to answer the Israel bashers on campus.”

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