ZOA Runs Radio Ad Exposing L.A. Human Relations Awardee Hathout As Pro-Hezbollah And US/Israel Basher
September 20, 2006

New York – The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) is running a series of 60-second radio ads on prime time LA radio talk shows exposing Muslim radical Maher Hathout, a senior advisor to the Muslim Public Affairs Council, who is scheduled to receive the Los Angeles Human Rights Commission Humanitarian Award, as an apologist for the terrorist group Hezbollah and a regular basher of the United States and Israel. The ads also urge the public to protest the award. After a campaign by the ZOA, American Jewish Committee and StandWithUs against Hathout, only 4 of 15 supervisors have voted to support Hathout. Steve Emerson, renown terrorist expert, has also written articles and appeared on television condemning Maher Hathout’s record.

Ed Ames, well-known singer and actor, who is President of ZOA’s Southern California Region, will be the spokesperson in the ads.

ZOA President Morton A. Klein said, "These ZOA ads make it clear that obviously ZOA does not oppose free speech but fervently oppose awards being given to people who praise terrorists and make divisive, extreme and radical statements regarding the US and Israel. The ads should also make it clear to anyone that ZOA doesn’t oppose Maher Hathout because he is a Muslim but only because of his dangerous and provocative positions. We would oppose any Jew, Christian, Buddhist or Hindu who would have made these same type of statements. Honoring Hathout helps legitimize and give credibility to his odious positions. This is especially problematic in an time when the US is engaged in a war against terrorism."

The following is the exact transcript of the radio ads.

ZOA — Hathout 60 Second Ad Script (50 Seconds Allowed)

(Final As Taped)

The L.A. County Human Relations Commission is about to give its Humanitarian Award to Maher Hathout, director of the Islamic Center of Southern California.

Hathout has praised the terrorist group Hezbollah despite their having murdered 241 U.S. peace keeping Marines.

This is Ed Ames. I am speaking today for the Zionist Organization of America.

ZOA supports Hathout’s right to free speech. However, hate speech should not be rewarded.

He has condemned America for committing so-called terrorist acts.

Here is Hathout in his own words:

"We did not come here to condemn the condemned atrocities committed by the apartheid brutal state of Israel. Because butchers do what butchers do.":

Call your supervisors. Protest their rewarding of Maher Hathout for his hate speech.

For more information contact ZOA at ZOA.org.

Thank you.

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