Top Israeli Security Expert: Israeli Arabs Want Destruction Of Israel
January 22, 2007

New York — Dr. Dan Shueftan, the deputy director of the National Security Studies Center at the University of Haifa, has stated that a recent document produced by Israeli Arab leaders and which represents the consensus of Israeli Arabs, shows that Israeli Arabs seek “nothing short of the destruction of [the] Jewish national state.” Addressing the Herzliya Conference today, Dr. Shueftan said that the document, entitled ‘The future vision of Palestinian Arabs in Israel,’ envisaged Israel being replaced by a bi-national state. The document also outlined a mechanism to turn it into an Arab state.

Shueftan stated, “The signal is that even if inequality is bridged, it won’t solve the problem. The lack of legitimacy of the national Jewish state is the source of the problem … [the document states that] ‘the Jews rose as a colonialist phenomenon … who expelled … butchered … and the Palestinians have only fought for peace’ … This is a reality for which there is no fix. The Palestinian national minority in Israel has a consensus view demanding recognition by the Jews of their exclusive guilt and their own lack of legitimacy, as well as an agreement to destroy the national Jewish project. The Arabs don’t plan to integrate themselves into the Jewish national state” ( Yediot Ahronot, January 22).

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