Must U.S. Be Appeased?
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December 3, 2008




Douglas Bloomfield writes darkly that “Israelis [must] find a balance between domestic and international interests when they go to the polls on Feb. 10” (“Could U.S., Israel be on collision course?” WJW, Nov. 20). Translation: Israelis must elect the person who can better appease an American administration keen on proceeding with Israeli concessions to an unreconstructed, terror-supporting Palestinian Authority, regardless of what they actually think.

Mahmoud Abbas’ P.A. has neither outlawed terrorist groups nor jailed terrorists. The P.A.-controlled media, mosques, schools and youth camps continue to incite hatred and murder that feeds terror, while naming schools, streets and sports teams after suicide bombers.

The Israeli public has taken notice. A July 2008 Maagar Mohot poll found that nearly three-quarters — 73 percent — of Jerusalem‘s residents oppose the division of the city. A May 2007 Dahaf Institute poll found that 53 percent of Israelis oppose withdrawals from Judea and Samaria, even in return for a “real peace.”

If Israel draws the conclusion that the security of its citizens and the interests of peace are not served by empowering Abbas’ regime via concessions, it is not the business of the U.S. to pressure her into doing otherwise. However, Bloomfield has done a service by revealing his attitude — if the U.S. agrees with him rather than Israelis, then Israel better give way.



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