The Argument’s Clearly Well-Meaning, but Flawed
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January 1, 2009





Judea Pearl’s belief that apologies by Israelis and Palestinians to each other will create peace is well-meaning, but faulty (Opinion: “Proper Words Must Be Found to Reignite Peace Process,” Dec. 4).

The root cause of the Arab war on Israel is an Arab-Muslim determination to destroy the Jewish state. Palestinian refugees and loss of territory are the direct results of the wars waged, and so are consequences — not causes — of the conflict. The so-called “injustices” suffered by Palestinians stem from their own aggression.

Trying to appease Arab parties symbolically — or by territorial and other concessions — is futile, as nothing will change until the culture of Palestinian society is de-Nazified.

As long as Palestinian media, mosques, schools and youth camps incite hatred and murder of Jews — and sports teams, schools and streets are named in honor of suicide bombers — clever formulas will not resolve the situation.

Michael Goldblatt

Board of Directors
Greater Philadelphia District
Zionist Organization of America

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