Talk To Hamas? Read Its Charter Instead
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February 13, 2009





Fri. Feb 13, 2009

 Talk To Hamas? Read Its Charter Instead

Amjad Atallah argues that America should support a policy of speaking to all elected Palestinian representatives, meaning Hamas as well as Fatah.

Apparently, he fails to understand that there is no Israeli or American obligation to deal with a group calling for genocide against Jews (Article 7 of the Hamas charter) and Israel’s destruction (Article 15 of the Hamas charter) just because Palestinians are partial to the idea.

May I remind him that the Nazis were also democratically elected, but empowering them through concessions was not moral or responsible or wise — and it led to disaster.

Alan A. Mazurek
Great Neck, N.Y.


(Dr. Mazurek is Chairman of ZOA’s National Executive Committee.)


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