New Poll: 79% Of Israelis Believe “Zero” Chance Of Peace Agreement With Abbas’ P.A.
February 12, 2010

Only 1% believe “good chance”

of peace treaty with PA




A new poll has shown that an overwhelming proportion of Israelis – 79% – believe that the possibility of the Jewish state reaching a peace agreement with the American-backed Palestinian Authority (PA) is next to zero. Only 1% of Israelis believed that there was a “good chance” that peace with the PA could be achieved. Similarly, 76% of Israelis believe that the PA’s current Fatah leadership led by Mahmoud Abbas and Salam Fayyad is not interested in achieving peace with Israel, while only 17% of Israelis believe it is (Avi Yellin, ‘Israeli Majority Skeptical About PA’s Intentions,’ Israel National News, January 29, 2010).


These poll results are consistent with other findings on the prospects of negotiated peace with Mahmoud Abbas’ PA contained in a November 2009 Maagar Mochot Survey Institute Poll, which found that Israeli Jews believe by an overwhelming margin of 80% to 10% that the idea that Israeli withdrawal to the pre-1967 armistice lines would bring Israel peace for generations is simplistic and naïve. As to the possibility of achieving a genuine, permanent peace with neighboring Arabs, Israeli Jews believe 38% to 29% that it will be impossible until Arabs conclude that Israel is not a passing phenomenon – something they believe will take a great amount of time (‘Maagar Mochot Poll finds Israeli Jews Wary of Efficacy of Security Arrangements, Pessimistic of PA and of Quick Peace Deals,’ November 4, 2009, Independent Media Review & Analysis).


ZOA Vice Chairman of the Board Steve Goldberg said, “This new poll shows a dramatic, almost wall-to-wall consensus among Israelis that concessions to Mahmoud Abbas’ terror-supporting PA, even up to and including the setting up of a Palestinian state, would not bring the long awaited peace for which Israelis yearn.


“This poll also reveals more clearly perhaps than others why Israelis no longer favor further concessions to the PA because it reveals the reason for this stance – their conviction that even setting up a Palestinian state will not bring peace or genuine Palestinian acceptance of Israel’s permanence and legitimacy as a Jewish state.


“Put simply, a clear majority of Israelis are showing, by the sort of results in this poll and others in recent years, that they do not trust the PA as being a genuine peace partner whose signature on a peace settlement would actually mean anything. Quite clearly, most Israelis believe that whatever concessions might be made, Palestinian demands and terror would not cease, and Israel’s position, to say nothing of the security and tranquility of the country, would be drastically affected.”


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