PA Prime Minister Fayyad Freaks Out, Walks Out: Won’t Accept Two States For “Two Peoples”
September 22, 2010


More Proof – Palestinians Don’t Want Peace




Palestinian Prime Minister Salaam Fayyad, wrongly called a “moderate,” angrily left a U.N. meeting and cancelled a scheduled press conference with Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon in New York on Tuesday.  Fayyad became hysterical and ran out of the room when Ayalon refused to approve a joint press release of the meeting which referred only to “two states” but did not include the words “two states for two peoples.”


The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) strongly praised Minister Ayalon for properly rejecting Fayyad’s ridiculous and anti-peace demand to ignore the fact that Israel is a state created by, built by, and defended by the Jewish people on land given to the Jewish people by the Balfour Declaration, the League of Nations, the United Nations, and by G-d Almighty in the Bible.


Deputy Foreign Minister Ayalon said, “What I say is that if the Palestinians are not willing to talk about two states for two peoples, let alone a Jewish state for Israel, then there’s nothing to talk about, and also, I said if the Palestinians mean, at the end of the process, to have one Palestinian state and one bi-national state, this will not happen. I was very surprised that there was apparently no acceptance of the idea of two states for two peoples. I also said that I don’t need the Palestinians to say Israel is a Jewish state in Hebrew.  I need them to say it in Arabic to their own people. If the Palestinians think that they can create one Palestinian state and one dual-nationality state, this will not happen.”  (Jerusalem Post, 9/22/10)


ZOA’s President Morton A. Klein said, “Fayyad has now made it crystal clear that he should never be called a ‘moderate’ or a peace-maker.  He is an extremist and anti-peace. He praises suicide bombers and their families and demands millions of so-called Arab refugees be allowed to flood into Israel in order to destroy the Jewish state.  He commissions Palestinian Authority emblems that show all of Israel as Palestine and allows schools and TV to call Tel Aviv and Haifa part of the so-called occupied territories.  He participates in ceremonies praising deceased killers of Jews and names schools, streets, sport teams and computer centers after Jew killers. 


“The Arabs have 23 states, double the size of the United States; the Muslims have over 50 states, but according to the Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority, extremist Salaam Fayyad, the Jewish people are not even entitled to one tiny state, the size of New Jersey.


“The ZOA urges all people of good will and all Jewish organizations to strongly criticize extremist Salaam Fayyad for his anti-Semitic, anti-peace actions.  And that includes you Jeremy Ben-Ami of J Street.”


Also, following a Clinton Global initiative program in which Israeli President Shimon Peres and Fayyad participated on a panel, headed by former US President Bill Clinton, discussing the regional economy’s potential in the event peace were to be achieved.


Despite Clinton’s deliberate strategy of avoiding all talk of the current Israeli-Palestinian negotiations in the panel discussion, it did not go unnoticed that Peres and Fayyad, though sitting next to one another, did not shake hands or speak to one another at the panel’s conclusion.

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