ZOA to Pres. Obama: Why Did Anti-Israel Preacher Serge Duss Visited Obama White House Four Times?
June 21, 2012

The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) is asking why a radically anti-Israel preacher and anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist has been invited to the White House four times by the Obama Administration. Serge Duss, Director of the New Century Evangelicals project and who serves on the board of the New Evangelical Partnership (NEP), denies a Jewish historical link to Israel and advises groups that have demonized the Israeli government. Records show that Duss had “a series of high-level meetings with the Obama administration’s liaison to Arab-Americans, as well as with two of the president’s most trusted foreign policy advisers,” according to White House visitor logs.


Serge Duss has been described on Breitbart.com as “an ardent advocate of a theory disconnecting Israelis and contemporary Jews from the Bible and the Old Testament, calling that link ‘mythology.’ To understand Duss’’s background and school of thoughts, we only have to look at the NEP open letter to ‘American Christian Zionists.’ It blames Israel for the failure of the peace process, calls Israel a colonial state, and urges American Christians to embrace Palestinians as ‘brother and sister’ (Hasar Lahud, ‘White House Meets With Anti-Semitic Evangelical Preacher,’ Breitbart, June 8, 2012).


According to the online news outlet Washington Free Beacon, preacher Serge Duss “propagates borderline anti- Semitic conspiracy theories and advises several groups that have stigmatized the Israeli government – [and] has made at least four trips to the Obama White House for several high-level powwows with top administration officials, records show.”


David Brog, executive director of Christians United for Israel (CUFI), has said that Duss “is troubling, in that he seems to embrace an odd race-based replacement theology; he seems to be saying that Jews are not connected to Bible … [his views are] very offensive to Jews and Bible-believing Christians … [If the Obama administration is truly committed] to supporting Israel in its quest for peace … why are they taking advice from someone who parrots the worst rhetoric of those who oppose accommodation with Israel?” (Benjamin Weinthal, ‘White House talks with “anti-Israel” preacher panned,’ Jerusalem Post, June 8, 2012).

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