Posted by: Morton A. Klein, ZOA
June 12, 2013
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ZOA/Klein Letter in Jewish Exponent — “ZOA (is) rational centrist”

 Letters — June 5, 2013

ZOA Is Not ‘Hawkish’; It’s Rational Centrist

Thank you for your interesting article “ZOA Lobbies Against Aid to Egypt, Palestinians” in the May 3 issue about ZOA’s Mission to Washington.

Nevertheless, it inappropriately stated that ZOA is “hawkish.” Is demanding that Palestinians abide by their Oslo agreements to arrest terrorists, end incitement in the media, schools and speeches, and not ally themselves with Hamas “hawkish”?

Is demanding that Egypt honor its Camp David Accords to have normal trade relations with Israel, allow its citizens to attend Israel conferences, visit Israel as tourists and put Israel on Egyptian maps “hawkish”?

Hardly. It’s rational centrist and appropriate. You also cavalierly stated that “most of ZOA’s members lean Republican.” Not only has there never been a survey on this, but in my experience, ZOA members are balanced between Republicans and Democrats.

Morton A. Klein, National President Zionist Organization of America