June 30, 2014
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Watch: Summing Up Special Knesset Session with Huckabee


Arutz Sheva spoke with some of the participants in a special session in the Knesset with former Arkansas governor and television host Mike Huckabee.

“The main message is we want to talk about the kidnapped boys and bring them home safe and sound. We’re going to take this message home to America, and Governor Huckabee is going to help us with that,” said Dr. Joseph Frager.

“We’re going to show American support and give hizuk (strength) to our brethren here in Israel. We’re also going to talk about the delegitimization that is occurring of Israel by BDS and other groups. It’s a tremendous problem,” he added.

Jeff Daube, director of ZOA Israel, said that the session was a great success not just because of Governor Huckabee but also because of the presence and support of members of the American Jewish community.

He particularly pointed out ZOA Chairman Mort Klein, who spoke about the terminology, such as “occupation” and “two-state solution” that can sometimes actually help the BDS movement.

“If we avoid using some of those terms he pointed out, I think we will go a long, long way,” said Daube.