Iran Deal Provides Hitler of Mideast Ability to Massacre Millions of Jews
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July 16, 2015

The Iranian nuclear deal that was reached Tuesday with the world’s leading nations is “an absolute catastrophe” and the most dangerous deal anyone has signed on behalf of Israel in history including the Oslo agreements, Zionist Organization of America president Morton Klein lamented Wednesday.


In an interview Voice of Israel reporter Ben Bresky at a World Likud convention in Jerusalem, Klein complained that the sanctions relief provided to Iran would result in a massive boost in funding for the terrorist organizations the Islamic republic sponsors that target Israel and the West.


“The deal gives Iran $150 billion immediately to the Adolf Hitler of the Middle East, [Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali] Khameini, and to the Nazi Germany of the Middle East, Iran, which will be used to fund Islamic terrorism all over the world,” Klein said. “It will be spent on tens of thousands more missiles for Hamas and Hezbollah. Terror will increase around the world.”


Klein said he believes it will be difficult to win key support in Congress to block the deal from Democrats, because he said US president Barack Obama has been threatening Democratic Congressmen. He raised more of an alarm about the European Union, which helped facilitate the Iran deal.


“It will be spent on tens of thousands more missiles for Hamas and Hezbollah. Terror will increase around the world.”

“Europe only cares about billions of business with Iran, and doesn’t have an interest in Israel’s survival,” Klein said. “Some countries are happy Iran will now be given the means to destroy Israel. I think they think the world would be better off without Israel. This is the most dangerous time for the Jewish people since the Holocaust.”


Klein complained that in recent interviews Obama appeared to take the military option off the table with Iran. He said Israel made a mistake by not attacking Iran in 2012. He called upon Americans to lobby their Congressmen not only to oppose the deal but also to support  Israel should it decide to take military action. 


“Israeli military action is the only way to stop [Iran’s nuclearization],” he said. “They know how to do it. There would be consequences in the world but there would be worse consequences if Iran gets nuclear weapons. Israel may have no choice.”


 This article was published by JPost and may be found here.

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