Posted by: Mort Klein
August 6, 2015
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Klein Letter to Exponent: Clearing the Record on ZOA, BDS and ADL

Michael Sand (Kvetch ‘n Kvell, July 17) attacks only me and ignores our arguments and the fact that two knowledgeable attorneys co-authored our op-ed explaining there is no legal merit to ADL’s claim that anti-boycott, divestment and sanctions legislation is illegal.

Remember, U.S. laws against the Arab League boycott of Israel were legal. Boycotts are harmful economic activity and expressive conduct. Such activity and conduct is not constitutionally protected.

Such activity and conduct is not constitutionally protected.

The ADL and Mr. Sand also have no basis for claiming that anti-BDS laws will lead to more campus protests. They will lead to fewer such protests, just as the anti-Arab League boycott laws weakened the Arab boycott and less demand for boycotting Israel. Painfully,
the ADL is on the same side as the extremist J Street in fighting anti-BDS legislation. The ADL and J Street stance only aids the boycotters of Israel.

We, the ZOA, are at the forefront of combatting BDS on campuses throughout the country and elsewhere through education, student training, and working with dozens of state legislatures to pass anti-boycott legislation. We recommend ADL apologize to legislatures, and Jewish and Christian groups who are fighting to stop BDS.

Morton A. Klein

National President, Zionist Organization of America