Posted by: Carina Lara
January 5, 2017

ZOA Student Travels to Israel

The Journey Has Just Begun!


2 plane rides, 1 two-hour layover, an investigation( more like speed dating) and 14 hours later here I am!


From west coast to east coast and from the east coast to Tel Aviv, Israel. Hi, my name is Carina and I am the President of our pro-Israel organization on campus at Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu, Hawaii. I made it! I am so greatly looking forward to this 2 week ZOA program hoping to take in all that I can of Israel and be able to gain a more in-depth knowledge of the diverse and flourishing atmosphere that makes up Israel. Our team of 40 bright and passionate student campus leaders are not only standing up on campus for Israel but also off campus as they travel all over Israel for an educational and worthwhile experience. When most college students are going home for the winter break to the comfort and warmth of their families ZOA student leaders have just flown to Israel with a drive to learn more, and experience first hand the multifaceted sides of Israel. I am just 1 of the 40 students on this educational trip and am excited as the adventure begins! Israel ready or not cause here we come!