ZOA Action Alert: Fox News Must Fire Geraldo Rivera for His Supporting Massacre of Jews by Second Intifada
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April 4, 2018

Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) President Morton A. Klein released the following statement: The Zionist Organization of America is calling upon Fox News to immediately fire commentator Geraldo Rivera for his horrendous statements on “The Five” show on Friday March 30, supporting the Second Intifada massacre of thousands of Jews and the maiming of thousands more.

Geraldo stated that he regrets not supporting the Palestinians in the murderous Second Intifada against Israeli Jews in 2002, saying:  “I regret in 2002 backing down from backing the Palestinians in their conflict with Israel, the Second Intifada. . . . I regret chickening out after 2002.”   (The video and transcript of Geraldo’s comments is at “Geraldo Rivera: I Regret Not Backing the Palestinians During Their Intifada,” by Aaron, Breitbart, Apr. 1, 2018 – See video minutes 27 through 29.)

The Second Intifada was a five-year wave of massacres of innocent Jews by Palestinian Arabs terrorists, who bombed pizza stores full of Jewish children, blew up Passover seders and weddings full of Jewish families, bombed clubs full of Israeli teenagers and young people, shot Jewish babies in their strollers, broke into homes and murdered families sitting down for Shabbat dinner, and shot Israeli drivers and passengers in passing cars, to name a few. 

Fox should not continue to employ a commentator who has stated his support for the wholesale mass murder and injury of thousands of Jews, and who turns truth upside down – blaming the victims and exonerating the terrorists.

During the Second Intifada, Palestinian Arab terrorists murdered almost 2,000 innocent Jews and maimed for life almost 10,000 innocent Jews.  (See the extensive Jewish Virtual Library list of names of thousands of Jews murdered and maimed in the Second Intifada by Palestinian Arabs.  But instead of mentioning that even a single Jew was murdered, Geraldo falsely claimed that it is Palestinian Arabs that are being killed, saying:  “It is so easy to put them [Palestinian Arabs] out of sight, out of mind. And let them rot. And be killed. And keep this thing festering.”

Fox should not continue to employ a commentator who has stated his support for the wholesale mass murder and injury of thousands of Jews, and who turns truth upside down – blaming the victims and exonerating the terrorists. Geraldo also compounded the problem by trying to excuse Palestinian Arab terrorism, by falsely claiming that the problem is so-called “occupation” and “oppression” of Palestinian Arabs, and the lack of a Palestinian state.  Geraldo neglected to mention that Yasser Arafat instigated the Second Intifada after rejecting a generous offer of a Palestinian state – because Arafat’s real goal – and the goal of Hamas and the PA today – is Israel’s complete destruction and the murder of every Jew. 

Moreover, 98% of Palestinian Arabs live under their own Palestinian Authority or Hamas regimes after Israel gave away Gaza and 40% of Judea/Samaria; there is no “occupation.”

Geraldo also added further injury by misleadingly stating: “And now you said there were 14, 15 people killed in Gaza. Palestinians killed by the IDF forces.”  Geraldo’s statement thus falsely blamed the IDF – and utterly failed to mention that at least 11 of the persons killed were definitively identified as known Hamas and Fatah terrorists – and that the shootings were completely defensive to stop 40,000 Hamas-paid and accompanied rioters, who were screaming for the murder of Jews and shooting and throwing Molotov cocktails, from storming into Israel to carry out their threats.

Geraldo’s completely distorted depiction of what is occurring in Gaza is unfit for a news organization such as Fox, which claims to be fair and balanced.  Geraldo must be fired. We know from other exchanges that at least most of the co-hosts on The Five (Kimberly Guilfoyle, Juan Williams, Dana Perino, Greg Gutfeld and Jesse Watters) support Israel and the right of Jews to live free from terror attacks, and that these co-hosts disagree with Geraldo. 

Unfortunately, none of the co-hosts had the presence of mind last Friday to correct or challenge Geraldo’s support for the murder of Jews and distortions regarding Gaza.  We urge The Five’s co-hosts to correct the record promptly.

Action Alert:  Contact Fox News to demand that Geraldo must be fired! 

Contact info: Fox News Comments email:  yourcomments@foxnews.com  Fox News Customer service: 1 (888) 369-4762 Fox News twitter: @foxnews Fox News Chairman & CEO Rupert Murdoch:  (212) 852-7000, News Corp., 1211 Ave. of the Americas, 8th Floor, NY, NY 10036  twitter: @rupertmurdoch possible email:  rmurdoch@newscorp.com or murdochk.r@newscorporation.com

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