Transcript of ZOA President Morton Klein’s Appearance on The Mark Levin Show on March 6, 2019
March 7, 2019

Mark Levin:  Hello everybody.  Mark Levin here.  Our number – 877 381-3811.  877 381-3811. During these dark bleak times, this environment created by the Democrat party, the media and others, it’s important that we speak to people who can enlighten us, who have courage, who push back against this sort of thing.

I’ve known Mort Klein for a few years now.  I respect him enormously.  We’ve become very very good friends.  He’s the president of ZOA.  And briefly, he will explain to you what ZOA is.  But I want his take on what’s been taking place with Omar, Tlaib, etc., etc. Mort Klein, how are you my friend?

Morton Klein:  Well, it’s great to be on with the most brilliant and courageous political analyst in the United States of America.

Mark Levin:  Holy mackerel.  I should have you more often.  And you’re very kind.  Tell everybody what ZOA means and what it’s about.

Morton Klein:  ZOA is the Zionist Organization of America, founded in 1897.  We’re the oldest pro-Israel group in the United States.  We educate people about Israel in Congress, in the media on campuses.  And, in the last many years, we have been emphasizing educating America about the truth of the Arab-Islamist war against Israel and the West.  Because we are facing a war, I’m afraid.  And the media, of course, has sort of ignored that aspect of it.  But Omar and Tlaib have really highlighted the fact that we have a real problem with radical Islamists.

Mark Levin:  Are you concerned that the Democrat party can’t get its act together to, not only pass a resolution, they can’t even pass a watered-down resolution.  It has apparently split their caucus, on whether or not to condemn her, not by name, but condemn her by implication.  What’s happening?

Morton Klein:  It is a very frightening and distressing message to American Jewry and America, that they are doing nothing to curb radical Islamic antisemitism.  By having this weak, toothless resolution, which they even postponed voting on because they wanted to water it down even further.  This was supposed to be a resolution that was promoted by Omar and Tlaib’s extraordinary hatred towards Israel and the Jewish people. And now they want to throw in all sorts of other issues – Islamophobia, homophobia, and such.   And I’ve told Pelosi, there should be a separate resolution on antisemitism.  And if you want another resolution on other bigotries, fine.  But don’t water this down.

But the Democrat party has shown a lack of will to tell the truth of the Arab-Islamist war against Israel. In a recent BDS vote, to  vote to stop BDS, boycotting Israel, the innocent Israel, half of the Democrats voted against that bill.  Virtually every Republican voted for it; half the Democrats didn’t. So we have a real problem with the Democratic party.  

In fact, even when you’re talking about the Taylor Force Act.  The Taylor Force Act said we’re going to stop giving the Palestinian Authority 500 million dollars a year if they continue to pay Arabs to murder Jews. Yes, they pay Arabs to murder Jews.   The more Jews that an Arab kills in the Palestinian Authority, and Israel, the higher their pension for life.  For one year, the Democrats refused to support it, until it was watered down, where they [the Palestinian Authority] only lose one-third of the money, not all the 500 million.  So the Democrat party, unfortunately, has become a real disappointment in fighting against evil and hatred.   

And this resolution, by the way, not only doesn’t it call Omar and Tlaib by name, but doesn’t talk about the fact that they’ve [falsely] called Israel evil, and an apartheid state, that they’ve hypnotized the world, and that Israelis are massacring innocent Arabs.

I don’t know if your listeners know: Omar has demanded that we show compassion for ISIS terrorists and demanded that judges reduce the sentences of terrorists that have been convicted of terrorism.  

She supports boycotting Israel, but she condemns having sanctions on Venezuela and Iran.

Also this dual loyalty thing, it’s really incredible.  Why can’t a human being love America and love Israel?  Can an Irishman love Ireland and love America?  It is anti-American to not support a strong ally of America.  

Mark Levin:  And I’m sure she loves Somalia and America..  Aren’t you?

Morton Klein:  No doubt. In fact, Tlaib, who condemned dual loyalty, Rashida Tlaib, from Michigan – Do you know, when she was sworn in to be a congressman, she wrapped herself in the Palestinian Authority dictatorship terrorist flag.  Now, what kind of loyalty is that to America when you wrap yourself in a flag . . .

Mark Levin:  Well, let me say this, Mort my friend.  I’ll say it. She’s an Islamist.  She’s a fundamentalist Islamist.  So is Omar.  And if the media were honest in this country, which of course they’re not, they would point that out.  These are fundamentalist.    

Morton Klein:  And they have been showing more loyalty to Venezuela and the Palestinian Authority and Eritrea and other such vicious regimes, than they are to the United States of America.  Rashida Tlaib, when she was sworn in, immediately embraced Abbas Hamideh, who was there, she invited him, who is one of the Hezbollah leaders, and he compares Israel to a terrorist state, and says Israel is like ISIS.  These are her friends.

And by the way, they scream about money being thrown around, about Jewish money.  Omar has gotten major donations from Hatem Bazian, who founded Students for Justice in Palestine, a vicious antisemitic anti-Israel group; from CAIR, which was named as a conspirator, accused of funneling money to Hamas; from Jim Zogby, who’s compared Israel to Nazis.  She’s taking money from the most vicious antisemites in America. And how dare she complain about Jews or other people legally funding

Mark Levin:  Mort, before we run out of time, I want to ask you something.  Is it a coincidence that they, and people who support what they’re doing, also despise America?  Is it a coincidence that they trash our own country, while they trash Israel as well? Why is that?

Morton Klein:  Because Israel and America have the same values of a capitalist society, of a humane society, with major massive freedoms.  They are against this.  AOC [Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] is one of the leaders of the Democratic Socialists of America, who has publicly called for an end to Israel.  And she has praised Jeremy Corbin, an enemy of America and an enemy of Israel,

Mark Levin:  The head of the Labour party in England.

Morton Klein:  The head of the Labour party in England, who has said that Hamas are his friends.

By the way, people who want to learn more about these things you and I have just discussed, I urge them to go to  We have specific details.  And also people should know about this resolution: Of all the religious hate crimes in America, 60% are against Jews.  Only 15% are against Muslims.  So the bigger problem in America is antisemitism, not Islamophobia.

Mark Levin:  Alright. Mort Klein.  We much, much appreciate it, and everything you do.  You take care of yourself.  We have your website right Mr. Producer, it’s up there on our social site, linked.  And it’s a very, very substantive website.  I think people will really appreciate learning from it.  Take care of yourself, my friend.

Morton Klein:  Thank you, sir.

Mark Levin:  G-d bless.  Mort Klein, ZOA.  Good man. Really, really good man.  The same with his organization.  They gave me award last year, you know.  Which I appreciate very much.  

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