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July 29, 2019

Below is a rough transcript of more portions of film-maker Avi Abelow’s recent video interview of esteemed journalist Caroline Glick, entitled “President Trump is Amazing!.” The video can be viewed at the above link.

ZOA set forth a small part of this video transcript in a ZOA press release. That release discussed ZOA’s belief that it is wrong and tragic that the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt attacked and demonized President Trump for something Pres. Trump should be praised for – Trump’s defense of Jews and Israel from the vile anti-Jewish hatred spewed by Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, AOC, etc. (See ZOA: Tragic-ADL’s Greenblatt Wrongly Claims Trump Uses His Defense of Jews/Israel as “Shield” for Trump,” July 25, 2019.)

During her interview, Ms. Glick praised Pres. Trump and discussed the following topics:

(1) President Trump’s important recognition of the intrinsic link between hatred of America and hatred of Jews. Ms. Glick points out that the Pres. Trump was the first U.S. president to recognize this connection. (Interestingly, a century ago, early ZOA president Louis Brandeis – who became the first Jewish U.S. Supreme Court Justice – explained to the public that Zionism and American patriotism are consistent with one another.) 

(2) Rashida Tlaib’s, Ilhan Omar’s, AOC’s and Pressley’s use of race and gender to get a free pass for spewing vile Jew-hatred and anti-Americanism.

(3) Glick criticized ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt for his lack of strong criticism of Jew-haters Omar and Tlaib, and for attacking Pres. Trump, while Pres. Trump is “doing Greenblatt’s job” of combatting antisemitism.

(Ms. Glick also discussed Iran during the latter part of her interview. Please listen to the video for that discussion.)


(1) Caroline Glick Praises Pres. Trump, For Condemning Antisemitic Anti-American Congresswoman, and Recognizing the Link Between Jew-Hatred and Hatred of America: 

Caroline Glick: “. . . President Trump is, I think, amazing. President Trump is, by far, not only the best president that Israel has ever had in the White House, but [also] that Jews have ever had in the White House. His [Trump’s] attacks on the self-proclaimed squad of the four radical leftist freshman Congresswoman, Ocasio-Cortez, Pressley, Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar. He [Trump] is really taking it to them, not only for hating America, but for their hatred of Jews and for Israel.”  

No president before Trump has recognized the intrinsic link between hatred of the United States and hatred of the Jews. So I think he [Trump] took the fight against antisemitism to a different level, and a very important one. Because what we are seeing on the left, and what we’ve been seeing since the advent of communism in the Soviet Union in the early twentieth century, is that there’s always been this conflation in leftwing antisemitism between hatred of the United States and freedom and free societies and liberal democracies and Jews and the other.”

“You’ve had presidents in the past who fought against anti-Americanism obviously. And you’ve had presidents in the past who fought against antisemitism. But you’ve never had a president like Trump who has put them together. And it’s so important now, because you see that for the left that really is taking over the Democratic Party, in a significant and terrifying way, that is almost exactly same as [UK Labor Party leader Jeremy] Corbyn in Britain, antisemitism is one of their central agenda points. Along with open borders, meaning we want to fundamentally transform the United States into a completely different country by opening its borders and changing the composition of the population. It’s just saying there is no right, there is no significance to your citizenship. Which is totally against what most nations, not just the United States, feel about their identity. And [like] saying that Jews have no right to a state, and that we’re inherently evil for marking our history, for remembering who we are, and for clinging to this land we’ve had for so many thousands of years. That connection is intrinsic. And Trump keeps pointing it out, over and over and over again. I think that what he [Trump] does is amazing.” 

(2) Caroline Glick Discusses How Omar, Tlaib etc. Have Been Using Race and Gender to Obtain a Free Pass for Preaching Hatred of Jews and America:

“Did he [Trump] go overboard a little here or there? So? But that’s not what these attacks [on Trump] are for.”

“Because these women [Omar, Tlaib, AOC and Pressley] are women of color, they try to transform everything into an expression of racism. So that you can’t talk about the content of their character – only the color of their skin. That’s all they want. They want to get a free pass for every horrible thing that they say about the United States, about Jews, about Israel. And they say that if you dare, and they do it repeatedly. I mean, they did it to Nancy Pelosi, when she criticized them for not backing a spending bill that the Democrats supported. So they said she’s a racist for calling them out on their voting, for their vote against their own party in the House. So you look at this, and you say, if this is where the Democratic party has gone, that we can’t have a discourse on anything, that you can’t discuss anything, and that the people who are protected from criticism or even objective reason, are spewing hatred, and anti-Americanism and antisemitism and radical economic plans that will bankrupt the United States for generations to come, then what is he supposed to do? How are you supposed to run a country? How are you supposed to perpetuate a society, if you’re not allowed to talk about the most radical members, and what’s wrong with what they’re preaching, and what’s wrong with what they’re advancing?”

Avi Abelow: “You know what the sad irony is? By focusing on race, gender, color, gender, etc., they [the squad] are the racists. They’re the sexists. Because that’s the definition of racism and sexism. They’re focusing on those aspects.”

Caroline: “That’s the whole point. But they get a pass, because of their race. The idiocy of their claim is only hidden by their clackers in the media, and people who are afraid of them, and people who are part of this identity politics cult. So they keep getting free passes for this. It’s utterly insane that you cannot have a conversation about Ilhan Omar’s preternatural, obsessive-compulsive and exceedingly dangerous hatred of Israel, And the same with Rashida Tlaib. How are Jews supposed to continue prospering in the United States, if you have members of Congress, who are saying that every action they take on behalf of their group, on behalf of the Jewish people in the United States, on behalf of the Jewish State of Israel, is all about the Benjamins? You know, they’re all about money. Money, money, money. That they’re disingenuous. That they’re disloyal Americans. And that the Jewish State is evil. How are they [American Jews] under those circumstances, to do anything? And the fact that they’re [the squad is] not condemned. Rashida Tlaib was not condemned. She got off scot free for saying one of the most racist things that a member of Congress has said in recent history. What she [Omar] said in February, it’s all about the Benjamins, that support for Israel is all about Jews buying support from Congressman through AIPAC. And you have the Jewish community in the United States and a Jewish leadership in the United States that is completely paralyzed that can’t do anything. Because they don’t know how to handle it, because it’s in their own party.”

(3) Caroline Glick Criticizes ADL Head Jonathan Greenblatt for Attacking Pres. Trump, While Trump Is Combatting Antisemitism:

Caroline: “ I think that people like Jonathan Greenblatt, the head of the ADL, should be condemned by all right-thinking American Jews for saying what he [Greenblatt] said. He [Greenblatt] said he was hiding behind Jews to hide his [Trump’s] racism. No. Jews are being hounded by these women [Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and AOC], and by the political forces that they represent, who are taking over his party, the Democrat party.”

There is no doubt that Jonathan Greenblatt is a Democratic partisan who is trying to advance the fortunes of his party through his position as the director of the Anti-Defamation League, and that he’s perfectly willing to subvert the basic agenda of the Anti-Defamation League in order to advance the political fortunes of the Democratic party, which is why he gave Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar passes for what they’ve been saying about Jews.” 

Tlaib said that Palestinians ‘sheltered’ Jews from the Holocaust, and that she gets a warm feeling when she thinks about it, and then we [Jews] turned around and bit the hand that fed us. [In fact,] a large part of the reason why there was a Holocaust was because of Palestinian terrorism and antisemitism, that terrorized and intimidated the British into breaking international law and their obligations to the League of [Nations]’ Mandates, and barring desperate Jews from moving to Israel just as the gates of hell were closing in on them with the Nazis. That was entirely a product of Palestinian terrorism.”

And her [Tlaib’s] forefathers, [were involved in] antisemitism, genocidal antisemitism. So this is like Nazis saying that they sheltered Jews. It really is. The founder of the Palestinian nationalist movement, such as it was, Haj Amin al Husseini, a jihadist, was an officer in the Waffen SS. He founded, he formed a Waffen SS division of Bosnian Muslims that were engaged in mass atrocities against Bosnian Jewry, 95% of which was liquidated, largely by his [Haj Amin al Husseini’s] division. So she’s [Tlaib is] just a liar. And he [Haj Amin al Husseini] brought propaganda into the entire Arab world, and fused European racialist antisemitism with jihadist antisemitism, which played a huge role in fomenting the Arab-Israel wars that ensued.”

So here’s this incredible antisemite, this incredible bigot [Tlaib], that said these things, and I don’t recall the ADL coming out and saying she [Tlaib] has to resign over it. That her [Tlaib’s] fabrication, out of whole cloth, of history, is unacceptable and unforgiveable, that she’s going to be shunned from now on. No, to the contrary, it’s President Trump that they’re [ADL is] shunning, it’s President Trump that [ADL is] they’re attacking.”

The same thing with Omar. [Imitating the ADL:] Oh yeah, we [ADL] didn’t like that, that was really unhelpful what she [Omar] said, but we [ADL] accept that she’s going to try to learn from her mistakes.”  

But then of course she [Omar] turned around and repeated them, completely humiliating the ADL. But they [ADL and Jonathan Greenblatt] don’t care.”

So then Trump comes out and attacks them [Tlaib, Omar and AOC], and their antisemitism. That is, he [Trump] is doing Jonathan Greenblatt’s job [Abelow: Right, that’s what the ADL should be doing.], protecting Jews from being attacked, and the ADL is coming out and condemning him [Trump] and saying he’s hiding his racism behind his supposed support for Jews. No, it’s not ‘supposed’ support for Jews, and the racism is yours [ADL’s and Jonathan Greenblatt’s], because you’re giving a free pass [to Tlaib, Omar and AOC].”

It’s the racism of what Senator Moynihan called the racism of low expectations. Well, you wouldn’t expect Ilhan Omar to behave like a human being ought to, and treat human beings with respect, and not be hateful towards Jewish people. Because she’s a Somali refugee or whatever. So we don’t have any expectations of her. Same thing with Rashida Tlaib. We don’t have any expectations of her, so she can treat Jews like dirt, and fabricate history, that’s completely off the charts in terms of the lie. And the mendaciousness and the ill will inherent in everything that she says. So that’s okay. But President Trump attacking them and calling them out for it, that’s hiding behind racism.”

He, Greenblatt should just be ashamed of himself. And the Jews should decry him. And the ADL, well then you have to ask, who is the ADL getting money from these days? That’s what I don’t know. I think one of the questions you have to ask is, who are the donors of the ADL? Who are the members of the board of the ADL these days? Because I think if you figure that one out, you figure a lot of the agenda, and how it is that a partisan like Jonathan Greenblatt even took over this organization and is subverting it as the head of it.”

I mean, Trump, he’s the best thing going for American Jews right now. And the fact that the American Jewish community is shunning him and treating him like he’s their enemy is a tragedy. It’s a tragedy for the American Jewish community. It’s a tragedy for the future of Jewry that they’re so blind by this political ideology of the left that they cling to it even when their fellow leftists abandon them. That they can’t even see his [President Trump’s] friendship for what it is, that it’s genuine. I mean, nobody is forcing Trump to defend the Jews.

And by the way, do you know what he [Pres. Trump] was doing at the same time Jonathan Greenblatt was attacking him [Pres. Trump]?

The Justice Department, under William Barr, who is not Jewish, and Betsy DeVos, the Education Secretary, who is not Jewish, the Justice Department was holding a summit on antisemitism in America. And they brought in the head of the FBI, and all the relevant cabinet secretaries, and experts from Israel and around the world, and Elan Carr, the Presidential Envoy for Antisemitism. And they did something that no administration and I daresay no Jewish organization is doing in a serious way, which is they were looking at all forms of antisemitism in the United States and what needs to be done.” 

For instance, Betsy DeVos and William Barr were both talking about the BDS movement, which of course Ilhan Omar is advocating on behalf of, with Rashida Tlaib and AOC and Ayana Pressley and their colleagues in the far left. And so Betsy Devos and William Barr were both saying why this is a form of antisemitism because of how it intimidates and persecutes Jews, particularly on campus but not only, and why the Justice Department and the Trump administration and the Education Department are now taking concerted actions to try block BDS operatives from operating on college campuses, in particular and harming them.” 

And the Justice Department already had an action against Williams College which blocked a Jewish organization from getting recognized because they were pro-Israel. And so because of the Education Department’s intervention, Williams College had to backtrack. And now, Duke and University of North Carolina are under investigation for using federal funds to host a BDS conference that featured terrorists and other open advocates of antisemitism. Something that Jewish organizations were begging the Obama administration to do. And the Obama administration refused for 8 years to take any action.

“But it’s the Trump administration that’s doing these things to actually protect Jews everywhere in the United States that is being pilloried as antisemitic by American Jewish organizations that know it’s a lie.”

So I think it’s not just that its humiliating or embarrassing. How dangerous! You’re surrounded by people in your own political camp who wish you ill, who are intimidating your children, who are trying to force them to give up their religion and their heritage and their history in order to fit in on campus with thought police that are growing ever more aggressive and mean-spirited and frightening. And instead of standing up to them and standing up for your kids, you’re giving in to these people, and pretending that they’re not horrible, evil people, and pretending that the president, whose administration and he himself are trying to do something to protect you from them and to end it, is the problem.

[Discussion again of how President Trump is correctly making the connection that anti-Americanism and antisemitism have the same agenda.] . . . 

Avi Abelow: “They’re [the ADL is] the one who are attacking Trump for talking about the antisemitism.”

Caroline Glick: “To do anything other than thank him [Trump]. . . A lot of people have been unruly. A lot of people have been rude. Barack Obama, was he [Obama] nice to us when he forced Netanyahu to apologize to Erdogan for having our commanders defend themselves from the Turks aboard the Mavi Marmara who were bludgeoning them? Was he [Obama] being nice when he told us Jews have no property rights in Jerusalem and Judea/Samaria? Was he [Obama] being nice when he promoted J Street to try to subvert the Jewish community and delegitimize the traditional leadership of the American Jewish community? Because he [Obama] didn’t say these things on twitter, that made him a better person than Trump? I don’t think so. Was he [Obama] being nice when he made a deal with the mullahs that gave them [Iran] a pass to a nuclear bomb inside 15 years, when every single day, they chant “death to America, death to Israel, and they have laid out in clear detail their intention to annihilate the Jewish people? Where was the niceness in that? Where was the lack of rudeness in that? . . . I think Trump is really nice. And I think it’s okay to be rude to bigots

“Yet, I should address ‘go back where you came from.’ There’s hyperbole inside of his things. It’s a way of getting attention. It doesn’t take away from his [Trump’s] message, and it oughtn’t take away from his message. If I have any criticism of him [Trump], and I do, [it] is that when you say something like that, it gives all of these identity politics fools, who are trying to be commissars of values that are antithetical to everything that we believe, you give them an opening to attack you and to divert attention away from what you are saying. And you should try to curb that, because we want people to listen to you. Because what you [Trump] are saying is so important, and no one says it quite the way that you do. Thank G-d for you [Trump]. We want you to succeed. . . .”

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