ZOA Urges MSNBC: Stop Giving Platform to Donny Deutsch – He Likened Pres. Trump to Hitler & Disparaged Jewish Trump Voters
News Press Release
September 25, 2020

Note: ZOA does not endorse any candidates.

Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) President Morton A. Klein and ZOA Chair Mark Levenson, Esq. released the following statement:

Donny Deutsch’s tirade on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on September 23, 2020, was so ridiculous, outrageous, and insulting, especially to American Jews, that Deutsch should never be invited by the media again. Deutsch absurdly likened the duly elected President of the United States, Noble Peace Prize nominee Donald Trump, to mass-murderer monster Adolph Hitler, and then castigated and disparaged Jewish Americans who plan to vote to re-elect President Trump.

Deutsch practically yelled at Jewish American Trump supporters: “How dare you! How dare you!” Deutsch then called Jewish American Trump voters “blind and . . . walking like a lemming off a cliff,” and accused these voters of not looking at history.  

How dare Donny Deutsch condemn any voter for voting for a particular candidate! Exercising the cherished right to vote for the candidate of one’s choice should not subject any voter or group of voters to insults and abuse.

(By the way, Donny, lemmings can crawl, swim and burrow, but they don’t walk. And the lemmings’ mass suicide myth came from a 1958 Disney film in which the film-makers threw the lemmings off a cliff to their deaths, to obtain fake footage. But nothing Donny Deutsch said had any basis in reality.)  

Speaking of abuse, Donny Deutsch absurdly and horrifically claimed, “There is no difference from what Donald Trump is preaching from what Adolph Hitler preached in the early 30s. Let’s just say it once and for all.”

Well, let’s actually compare President Trump’s statements at his Moon Township/Pittsburgh rally (the rally that Donny Deutsch castigated) with Adolph Hitler’s vile speeches:

President Trump: “A vote for Republicans is a vote for safe communities, great jobs, and a limitless future for all Americans. All Americans—race, color, creed—all Americans.”

Hitler’s Dec. 11, 1941 speech declaring war on the U.S.:  American decay is the “product of Jewish or Negroid blood mixture.” 

President Trump: “I kept my promise, recognized the true capital of Israel and opened the American Embassy in Jerusalem. I also recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. That was a 52-year development that I got done in about a day. They’d been negotiating that sovereignty over the Golan Heights, I got it done immediately. 52 years, they worked on that. But instead of endless war, we are forging peace in the Middle East. It’s so great. Peace in the Middle East.”

Hitler’s Sportspalast speech: “The result of this war will be the complete annihilation of the JewsNow for the first time they will not bleed other people to death. . . . And the hour will come when the enemy of all times [Jews], or at least of the last thousand years, will have played his part to the end.” 

Hitler’s Jan. 30, 1939 speech: “If international financial Jewry in and outside Europe should succeed in plunging the peoples once again into a world war, then the result will [be] . . .  annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe.”

Donny Deutsch is the one who is not looking at history. He is a moronic, hateful lunatic. He should never be given a platform again.

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