ZOA Thanks National Education Union Defeating Lie-Based Anti-Israel Resolution
News Press Release
July 6, 2021

ZOA Also Thanks & Praises All Those Who Responded to ZOA’s Action Alert 

Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) President Morton A. Klein released the following statement: 

The Zionist Organization of America commends the overwhelming number of National Education Associate delegates who defeated a lie-based, anti-Israel resolution at the group’s Representative Assembly last week.

ZOA also wishes to strongly thank and strongly praise all those who responded to ZOA’s Action Alert on this critical issue.

We remain concerned, however, that a minority yet a significant number of delegates voted for the measure and that a second anti-Israel resolution that was not voted on last week will be raised at NEA’s Assembly next year along with other anti-Israel measures.  

NEA says that it represents 3 million education workers, including pre-K-12 teachers and undergraduate faculty. 

“New Business Item 29,” which accuses the Jewish State of Israel of the false claims of “ethnic cleansing” and “military repression” and called for the United States government “to stop arming and supporting Israel,” was defeated by a reported vote of 77-23% among the 6,702 delegates. This means, however, that more than 1,500 educators―who are supposed to care about and teach facts rather than lies and propaganda to their students―supported the measure.

“It is of great concern that so many educators in America have bought into a vicious anti-Jewish misinformation campaign advanced by Palestinian Arabs and their supporters,” said ZOA National President Morton A. Klein. “It is the Palestinian Arab leaders―Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (PA)―who oppress those under their rule. They have not allowed an election in 15 years; they do not allow freedom of speech or freedom of assembly, and they arrest political opponents. In Israel, Arabs―along with everyone else―vote and enjoy the freedoms that come with living in a democracy.” 

“The ‘ethnic cleansing’ charge is also an extreme lie as the Palestinian Arab populations in both the Gaza Strip and in the areas in Judea and Samaria controlled by the Palestinian Authority continue to rise,” Klein noted. “How can anyone legitimately make such an easily refutable claim―let alone place it on the agenda for a vote among educators? There were 200,000 in Israel in 1948 – today there are 2,000,000 Arabs.” Klein stated in jest, “Whoever is in charge of Israel’s ethnic cleansing program must be fired immediately. It’s not working.”

A second measure, designated as “New Business Item 51” would “educate members and the general public about the history, culture, and struggles of Palestinians, including the detention and abuse of children in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.” 

Further, it called on the NEA to “recognize the existence and sovereignty of Palestine and Palestinian children and families and their human right to access a quality education and live freely as outlined in United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.” 

“Once again, the rights of the Palestinian Arabs are determined either by Hamas in the Gaza Strip or the Palestinian Authority in Judea and Samaria,” Klein noted. “If the educators who created this resolution truly cared about the rights of Palestinian Arabs and especially Palestinian Arab children, they would have condemned Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. Hamas trains children to become terrorists, and both groups indoctrinate young people in official schools and in media to hate Jews and to deny Israel’s existence.”  

Klein noted that when children commit crimes―including here in the United States―they are arrested, often held for trial, and if convicted, can be incarcerated.  

“Meanwhile,” Klein added, “There is no ‘occupation.’ Israel left the Gaza Strip in 2005, while 98% of Palestinian Arabs are governed by either Hamas or the PA. Teachers must stop disseminating lies.” 

While neither of these measures currently has the support of the NEA, “We remain concerned that individual teachers in schools in America may be teaching young Americans to believe vicious lies about Israel, a vital American ally, and about their Jewish neighbors for whom Israel is their homeland. Such terrible indoctrination and hatred-incitement must not be tolerated. We call on school officials in every individual school, and school boards throughout our nation to ensure that such lies about Israel and the Jewish People are not taught. Further: If what has become known as the ‘Israeli-Palestinian Conflict’ is taught, it must include in the lessons and materials the Palestinian Arab’s use of violence and terrorism to advance their cause, and the anti-Jewish incitement that takes place in their schools―as well as the many Israeli concessions and offers to advance peace.” 

ZOA urges NEA members and educators everywhere to work to introduce resolutions that state the truth about the Arab and Muslim war against the Jewish people and to ensure that the NEA stands behind factual information. 

Those behind these two NEA resolutions vowed to continue to try to get the NEA to advance their anti-Israel agenda. 

Tania Kappner, who introduced “New Business Item 29,” told the website “Middle East Eye”: “I am sure that many of us will continue to bring motions regarding Palestinian rights and the situation Palestinian children are facing to future conventions.”  

Meanwhile, Rahaf Othman, who introduced “New Business Item 51,” posted on Facebook: “Oh and it’s not over.” 

NEA is but one teachers union in America. Some local teachers unions have already voted in favor of anti-Israel measures, while others―including the union that represents teachers in the Los Angeles Unified School District―are considering anti-Israel measures. The L.A. union will vote on theirs in September.  

“We call on union members who care about truth and who care about honesty, and who care about a nation’s right to self-defense and to protect its citizens against thousands of rockets and other terrorist attacks, to vote against these lie-filled anti-Israel measures,” Klein said. 

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