The Palestinian Authority’s Attempt to Erase Jewish History from Israel
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August 16, 2021

The Palestinian Authority (PA) denies historical facts in an attempt to delegitimize the Jewish claim to the land of Israel. It brainwashes children through lies in state-sanctioned textbooks and actively removes proof of a continued Jewish presence there. In addition, PA leaders themselves publicly preach the “falsification” of Jewish history in Israel.

The PA raises its children to believe that Israel does not exist. Its education system uses textbooks to eradicate the existence of Israel and to re-write history in order to delegitimize the right of the indigenous people to the land.

  • PA textbooks change the names of Jewish sites in an attempt to remove their Jewish 1 The following are just two examples:
    • The PA renamed Rachel’s tomb in Bethlehem to Bilal Ibn Rabah Rachel is one of the most prominent figures in Jewish history.2
    • The PA renamed the Western Wall Plaza in Jerusalem, Al-Buraq Plaza. The Western Wall Plaza houses the only standing remnants of the ancient Jewish temple3 and is part of the holiest site in
  • Israel does not exist in Plus, children are raised to believe that all land is “Palestinian.”
    • In addition to many geography textbooks that omit Israel on the map, the PA also doctors images of historical artifacts. The following is just one example:
      • Prior to recent Jewish sovereignty, the land of Israel was under the control of the British Mandate. On a postage stamp from that era, one can find the Hebrew inscription “Palestine: The Land of ” However, in PA textbooks, this inscription is erased.

The PA destroys all Jewish archaeology on the Temple Mount in order to delegitimize Jewish history and in an effort to claim the site as its own.

  • PA Minister of Foreign Affairs Riyad Al-Malki accused Israel of violating International Law by “illegally excavating” areas in the Old City of Jerusalem. He also accused Israel of falsifying the region’s 4
    • However, this is exactly what the Palestinian Arabs are doing, not the Israelis.
      • After September 2000, the Islamic Waqf (which governs the Temple Mount) removed all “dirt” from the Temple Mount and deemed it garbage. This effectively destroyed remnants of Jewish history at the site in order to make it appear as if Jews have no legitimate history 5
      • That “dirt” was full of ancient Jewish Archeologists have found numerous Jewish artifacts in the “dirt” nearby.
    • The Waqf denies Israeli sovereignty over the Temple Mount. In an effort to gain its own sovereignty, the Waqf performs excavations and builds mosques in the area. Many believe that this is simply a disguise for destroying Jewish archaeological evidence at the 6

PA leaders publically deny Jewish history to their people and to the world. They teach Palestinian Arab children to believe that there is no validity to the Jewish claim over the land of Israel. They dismiss the historical right of Jews to self-determination in their ancestral homeland.

  • PA leaders continually preach the denial of Jewish history in Jerusalem and the existence of the Jewish Temple to its 7 The following are just a couple of examples:
    • “They [Jews] claim that 2000 years ago they had a I challenge the assertion that this is so. But even if it is so, we do not accept it, because it is not logical for someone who wants a practical peace.” – PA President Mahmoud Abbas 8
    • “For 34 years they [Jews] have dug tunnels, the most dangerous of which is the great They found not a single stone proving that the Temple of Solomon was there, because historically the Temple was not in Palestine [at all]. They found only remnants of a shrine of the Roman Herod.” – Former PA President Yasser Arafat 9

Despite PA claims, an abundance of archaeological evidence exists to assert that Jews have been in Israel for at least 3,000 years.

  • Archeologists uncovered mounds of indisputable evidence that prove the strong Jewish connection to The following are just a few examples:
    • Archeologists found pieces of pottery with Hebrew inscriptions on it dating back to the time of King David 3,000 years 10
    • An archeologist uncovered a Jewish castle called “Tel Gezer” from the time of the Hasmoneans (Maccabees) in the Land of Israel in 142 11
    • Archaeologists confirmed that King David conquered Jerusalem and made it his capital based on an inscription found in Israel from 834 12
    • Excavators found coins in Israel with the inscription “Year four of the redemption of Zion,” meaning that they were minted in 69 13

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