Biden: Create Palestinian Terror State; Stop Building Jewish Homes in Judea Samaria; Won’t Allow Israeli Official Join Him in Eastern Jerusalem Visit While Removing Israeli Flag from U.S. Limousine; No Demands on Palestinian Regime
July 15, 2022

Shameful Disgrace: Biden Holds Press Conference With/Shakes Bloody Hand of Palestinian Dictator Abbas Who Pays Arabs to Murder Jews

Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) National President Morton A. Klein released the following statement:

During his visit to Israel, President Biden professed his “deep love” for Israel – and then (as we predicted) stuck several knives in Israel’s back: (1) Biden pressured Israel to give the Palestinian Authority terrorist dictatorship a state on Israel’s land; (2) increased funding to Palestinian Arab projects (which frees up funds for the Palestinian Authority to continue paying Arab terrorists hundreds of millions of dollars to murder Jews); (3) undermined Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem by visiting a Palestinian Arab site, while refusing to allow Israeli officials to accompany him and (4) removed Israeli flags from the U.S. motorcade while visiting eastern Jerusalem, conspicuously undermining U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as the undivided sovereign capital of Israel that U.S. Law and Pres. Trump recognized; (5) continued to insist on diplomacy with Iran while Iran is just weeks away from having enough highly enriched uranium for a nuclear bomb; (6) and insisted that Jews must not be allowed to build homes in Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem without U.S. approval; (7) outrageously and wrongly compared the Palestinian Arabs’ situation to being “fundamentally like” the Irish Catholic situation with Great Britain; (8) gave $200 million to UNRWA which hires Hamas terrorists, hides Hamas rockets in their schools, and teaches Arab children to hate and commit violence against Jews; (9) shamefully held a press conference and smilingly shook hands with terrorist dictator Abbas who pays Arabs to murder Jews, while making no demands of the Palestinian Arab regime! All this makes it clear that President Biden did not deserve being given one of Israel’s top awards by Israeli president Herzog.

On the bright side, Caretaker Prime Minister Yair Lapid disagreed that diplomacy with Iran would work and called for a credible military option to be on the table.

“Please, President Biden, Can I Build A New Room in My Home in Judea?”: During Biden and Lapid’s one-on-one meeting, Biden asked for, and Lapid shamefully agreed that, during Lapid’s months in office, Israel would have “no surprises” regarding construction of “settlements” (Jewish homes in lawful Jewish homelands), and that Lapid’s interim government would update the Biden administration prior to “settlement” activity. It looks like Jewish families living in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria will now need Biden’s permission before they can build a nursery room for their children. This makes Israel into a vassal of America – lower than, and without the respect accorded to a U.S. state. (U.S. states don’t need the federal government’s permission for their citizens to build homes in their states.) As one commenter put it, Israel is being treated like, and is acting like, a dhimmi. (A dhimmi was a non-Muslim subjected to numerous restrictions, including where and how he could live, in certain Muslim countries.)

Sending More Aid to Palestinians, While Ignoring their Incitement and Pay-to-Slay Payments to Arabs to Murder Jews: During the same meeting, Biden and Lapid discussed “various measures cited by Lapid that have been instituted to improve the quality of life for Palestinians.” Of course, the problem is not insufficient efforts to improve Palestinian Arabs’ quality of life. The Palestinian Arabs have received more aid than any people in history. The problem is that the Palestinian Authority leadership feeds its population a daily diet of incitement to murder Jews, financially rewards Arabs for doing so, and names schools, streets and children’s camps after Jew-killers.

But alarmingly, Lapid and Biden said nothing about the Palestinian Authority’s continual incitement of terror in schools, media, textbooks, street names, sporting events, etc., or the PA’s heinous payments to terrorists to murder Jews, or UNRWA’s textbooks encouraging Arab children to murder Jews.

Instead, Lapid wrongly claimed during the joint Biden-Lapid press conference that rocket attacks on southern Israel and suicide bombings are attacks on “Democracy” [“Democracy” – not Jews!] and occur because the terrorists fear the “dynamism and creativity of our economy, the rights of women and the LGBTQ community, freedom of religion, [and] freedom of speech.”

Lapid’s reasoning is way off the mark. Terrorists blew up pizza stores filled with Jewish children before Israel started registering same-sex marriages in 2006. And Arab terrorists brutally murdered hundreds of impoverished, economically struggling Jews in the 1920s and 1930s, before the Jewish people had their own state with a dynamic economy that recognized various rights. The problem is that Palestinian Arab leaders and other radical Islamists teach and reward hatred of Jews – rich or poor, democratic, or not (as well as teaching hatred of others who do not share their beliefs). Why is it so difficult for Lapid (and Biden) to admit what motivates the Jewish people’s enemies? Why don’t they demand an end to the PA’s anti-Jewish incitement and stop enabling the PA’s payments rewarding terrorists?

Promoting a Terrorist Palestinian Arab State on Israel’s Land: During the Biden-Lapid joint press conference, Biden condescendingly lectured Israel that the “ultimate” and “best way” to guarantee “democracy” and the security of Jewish people in Israel and around the world is a (so-called) “two-state solution,” and warned that anything that takes us farther from that was “detrimental.” This is especially ludicrous since the Palestinian regime is not a democracy but is a terrorist dictatorship.

“Two-state solution” is the worn-out euphemism for creating a Palestinian Arab terror state that threatens Israel’s existence, on land guaranteed to the Jewish people under binding international law. Such a “solution” is rightfully overwhelmingly opposed by the majority of Israelis. Israelis learned through the terrible aftermaths of the Gaza evacuation, southern Lebanon withdrawal and the Oslo Accord withdrawals from parts of Judea/Samara, that retreating from land brings more terror attacks and terror rockets.

It was particularly galling that during his “two-state” lecture, Biden falsely claimed that both Jews and Palestinian Arabs “have deep and ancient roots in this land.” The Jewish people do indeed have “deep and ancient roots in this land”; it is where the First and Second Temples stood for approximately 1,000 years; Jewish kings ruled for hundreds of years; David tended his flock and established Jerusalem as Israel’s capital; Abraham buried his wife, Sarah; Jacob dreamt; etc., etc. But the Palestinian Arabs do not have such roots. There were no Palestinian kings and queens. No ancient Palestinian sites. Most “Palestinian” Arabs hail from Egypt, Arabia, and north Africa – and their names reflect this. (Common “Palestinian” names include “al Masri” meaning from Egypt, and al Mughrabi, meaning from the Magreb in North Africa.) The whole concept of a “Palestinian Arab people” was invented in 1964 as a propaganda ploy for attacking the Jewish state. Until then, the term “Palestinian” referred to Jews.

It is deeply troubling that Lapid failed to correct Biden’s false statements and that Lapid never mentioned or condemned Palestinian dictator Abbas for paying Arabs to murder Jews. Lapid should also have urged Biden to demand that the Palestinian regime end this Nazi-like policy, end incitement, rescind the names of schools , streets and children’s camps named for Jew-killers and stop referring to Jews as “filthy” while absurdly claiming that Jews want to destroy the Mosque on the Temple Mount.

In addition, PM Lapid should have made publicly clear his strong opposition to Biden refusing to allow any Israeli official to accompany Biden to eastern Jerusalem and to Biden shamefully removing the Israeli flag from the U.S. limousine when traveling to eastern Jerusalem. This sent an ugly message that Biden does not accept Jerusalem as the undivided, sovereign capital of Israel which U.S. law and the previous administration publicly supported.

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