November 20, 2023

Dear Friends,

After many procedural delays, the sentencing of the remaining three identified attackers who savagely attacked Joseph Borgen has been scheduled for Tuesday, November 21st at 11 AM at 100 Centre Street on the 11th floor, Part 62. It is best to arrive by 10:30 AM to assure a seat in the courtroom.

Joey Borgen, wearing a kippah/yarmulke, was viciously attacked as he walked to a rally for Israel in Manhattan on May 20, 2021. 

On Sept. 27th, Mohammed Said Othman pled guilty to 3rd Degree Gang Assault as a Hate Crime and Mohammed Othaman and Mahmoud Musa each pled guilty to a C Violent Felony Assault in the 2nd Degree as a Hate Crime. All of them are in prison as they await sentencing. Waseem Awawdeh and Faisal Elezzi were sentenced at separate hearings and are in prison.

All of these vicious haters were associated with Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) (also known as Within Our Lifetime.) This organization is currently operating on 300 campuses nationwide.  Its rallies and messages in the wake of Hamas’s horrific massacre in Israel have terrorized Jewish students on many campuses.

Joey Borgen testified against these attackers with courage and bravery. As he makes his final victim impact statement on Nov. 21st, he should not be alone when he has to face, once again, these attackers who almost killed him. He should see a courtroom filled with supporters. If you are available, please come and support Joey.

Every person who took a seat in court, wrote emails to and called D.A. Bragg’s office has made a difference. Our Community’s voice and concerns were heard. The resources allocated by D.A. Bragg’s office, the advocacy of Hannah Yu, Chief of the Hate Crimes Unit at the N.Y. District Attorney’s Office, the indefatigable effort of A.D.A. Jonathon Junig, and the active involvement of David Pollock of the Community Security Initiative have allowed us to reach this point.

We believe that the successful prosecution of Joey Borgen’s attackers and the meting out of just sentences serve as deterrents to others seeking to viciously assault innocent Jews. 

At a panel discussion on anti-Semitism at the Young Israel of Great Neck, Nassau County Police Commissioner, Patrick Ryder, was asked about the importance of attending the hearings for the attackers who almost killed Joey Borgen in a vicious, merciless, anti-Semitic beating. This is what he said:

“Joey Borgen was not some kid on a street corner. He was attacked because he was Jewish. If you don’t show, that does have an effect on the larger community. It has an effect on people watching. You need to show that there is pain that goes a lot further than the victim. It goes right through a community. I don’t think anyone understands that more than the Jewish Community. When you hurt one Jewish individual, you hurt the entire Community.”

Joey Borgen has stated how difficult it is to be in court with the people who could have killed him. He said, “I don’t like going to court. I do it because when I’m there with other people, a large group of Jewish individuals, it sends a message that we’re not lying down and taking this.” (N.Y. Jewish Week, 3/21/23)  

Especially now, we are reminded that silence is not an option and doing nothing is not an option.

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