ZOA Calls On William Paterson Univ. to Terminate Partnership with Antisemitic, Pro-Terror Birzeit Univ.
News Press Release
January 26, 2024

In a letter sent to the president and board of trustees of William Paterson University, located in Wayne, New Jersey, the ZOA demanded that the university cut ties with Birzeit University in the so-called West Bank, given Birzeit’s antisemitism, its celebration of terrorists, and its support for violence and terrorism against Jews.

William Paterson University signed a memorandum of understanding with Birzeit University, pursuant to which the two universities would establish exchange programs for students and faculty and develop research collaborations and joint degree programs. But as reported in detail by The Daily Wire and the Jewish New Service, Birzeit has engaged in abominable conduct, including referring to the Hamas terrorists who slaughtered over 1,200 Israelis on October 7, 2023, as “martyrs,” praising and promoting terrorism and violence against Jews, and honoring Arab terrorists who have murdered Jews by naming buildings and programs after them.  Also, until at least 2014, Birzeit officially barred Israeli Jews from campus. It is not clear whether this is still Birzeit’s policy, The Daily Wire reported.

The ZOA demanded a response from William Paterson University by February 1, 2024 – an agreement to terminate the partnership with Birzeit University, and a public statement explaining to the William Paterson University community why the termination is necessary.

Describing this response as a “no-brainer” for William Paterson University, ZOA National President Morton A. Klein stated, “William Paterson is a public university supported by our taxpayer dollars. Especially in this time of soaring antisemitism, including in New Jersey, it’s impossible for William Paterson to justify continuing a partnership with an antisemitic, pro-Hamas, and pro-terror university. Not a single penny of taxpayer money should continue to go to support William Paterson if it doesn’t take the right and moral step here and cut all ties with Birzeit University without delay.

“The ZOA’s letter to Birzeit University was copied to New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy; the leaders of the New Jersey legislature, New Jersey Senate President Nicholas P. Scutari and New Jersey Assembly Speaker Craig J. Coughlin; and U.S. Representatives Bill Pascrell, in whose district William Paterson is located, and Josh Gottheimer who has spoken out forcefully against campus antisemitism. We urge all these leaders to let William Paterson know immediately that they will seek to withdraw federal and state funding from the university unless William Paterson terminates its relationship with Birzeit University.”

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