Large ZOA Pro-Israel Rally Held in Times Square NYC, Mort Klein Interviewed – CBS News
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May 14, 2024

By Ali Bauman

(May 13, 2024 / CBS News) A large pro-Israel rally was held Monday night in Times Square.

A few dozen demonstrators were within the barricaded area cloaked in the Israeli flag and outside the perimeter were counter protesters. Both sides were watched by a heavy NYPD presence. Private security guards were also seen standing at the entrance.

The rally and concert in support of Israel was organized by Zionist Organization of America and The World Values Network. Advertised speakers included attorney and professor Alan Dershowitz. Musical performances and speakers went on until 9 p.m.

Morton Klein, president of Zionist Organization of America, talked to CBS New York about security and counter protests.

“This is America. As long as they are non-violent protests, I have no problem,” Klein said. “I think they are ignorant. They don’t know what the truth is. If they are violent, they have to be arrested. And on the campuses we say arrest, arrest, arrest, expel, expel, expel, bring in the National Guard.”

The pro-Israel rally followed several recent demonstrations in support of Palestinians in New York City and across the country, primarily on college campuses.

This article was originally published by CBS News and can be viewed here.

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