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OP-ED BY: Jonathan S. Tobin JNS: What are Jews, Jewish Groups Who Embrace the Black Lives Matter Movement Endorsing?

To read the statement signed by more than 600 Jewish groups last week, in which they identified their denominations, synagogues and organizations with the Black Lives Matter movement, it’s clear that they believe they are on the right side of history. The letter, which was published as a full-page ad in The New York Times on Aug. 28, is forthright […]

OP-ED BY: Isi Leibler, Jerusalem Post J Post’s Leibler Cites ZOA as Only Organization Condemning Black Lives Matter Group as Antisemitic Israel-Haters

Civilization is currently facing the greatest threats since the rise of Nazism. Coronavirus and its social and economic byproducts have resulted in global waves of populism, accompanied by violent demonstrations initiated from elements of the extreme left and right. These elements, in particular the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement in America, are exploiting racial issues […]

OP-ED BY: Isi Leibler, Jerusalem Post J Post – Dershowitz, Because of Apparently Baseless Accusations, Gets Few Pro-Israel Speaking Invitations

On Friday, August 14, The Jerusalem Post Frontlines section featured a massive two-page article by David Brinn about allegations leveled against American lawyer and legal scholar Alan Dershowitz. As I read it, my thoughts reverted to the ordeal endured by US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh when the #MeToo movement attempted to smear him over alleged […]

OP-ED BY: ZOA National President Morton A. Klein Shmuley Boteach’s Negative Response to Ice Cube’s Positive Public Outreach to Jews Is Wrongheaded

It is no pleasure for me to show that Shmuley Boteach again carelessly gets things wrong or distorts truths. Shmuley condemns me, asserting that after my two-hour conversation with Black rapper/actor/director/screenwriter Ice Cube, I “granted clemency for his antisemitism through private conversations, rather than public penance.”  (“Celebrity Antisemites Can’t be Absolved through Private Apologies,” Algemeiner, […]

OP-ED BY: David M. Weinberg The Truth About the Sovereignty Issue

According to critics, application of Israeli law to security and settlement zones in Judea and Samaria will ruin everything. It will undermine the “peace process” (as if there was one), and wreck Israel’s international reputation (as if everybody loved Israel nowadays). Critics say attaining sovereignty will undermine the peace process and ruin Israel’s reputation abroad, but these […]

OP-ED BY: Jonathan S. Tobin, JNS Jns: Jewish Orgs. Supporting Black Lives Matter Group Ignore Bloody Chaos BLM Has Enabled

Most groups that represent the interests of American Jews have made their opinions clear. They believe it is imperative that there should be no doubt about the community’s support for the Black Lives Matter movement. That was illustrated by a declaration of broad backing from more than 600 Jewish organizations and synagogues in June. The signatories believed […]

OP-ED BY: Rabbi Michael Barclay Rabbi Calls for Baseball Boycott Until MLB Disengages From Antisemitic, Anti-American Hateful Black Lives Matter

For most of my life, I have agreed with Roger Hornsby, who said that when there is no baseball, he “stares out the window and waits for spring.” That has now changed, and MLB will no longer be watched or supported in my home, and I encourage every person of reason to boycott baseball until […]

OP-ED BY: ZOA's Director of Law & Justice Susan Tuchman, Esq. and National President Morton A. Klein JNS: ZOA Announces Hotline for Journalists Fighting Antisemitism and Israel-Bashing

Bari Weiss recently resigned from her position as a writer and editor at The New York Times. A self-described “centrist,” Weiss did not hesitate in her writing to call out anti-Semitism on the right and the left. She stood up for Israel. Even as a college student at Columbia University, Weiss challenged anti-Israel professors who tried to intimidate and silence students […]

OP-ED BY: By Stephen M. Flatow, JNS Return to Rewarding Terrorism?

The Democrat-controlled House Subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs officially adopted an amendment to send $250 million in aid to the Palestinian Authority, despite an ongoing pay-to-slay Israelis policy. (July 13, 2020 / JNS) Two years ago, Congress cut off funds to the Palestinian Authority because it pays salaries to terrorists. Now a group of Democratic […]

OP-ED BY: Yitz Tendler JPost Op-Ed: Don’t be fooled – American Jews support sovereignty

Petitions against Israel’s planned extension of sovereignty over Judea and Samaria (or as they put it: annexation of the West Bank) are all the rage these days. Last week we read that “Jewish Studies Scholars Oppose Annexation,” and the week before that “Gap-year alumni are against annexation.” At this pace, expect a petition by American […]