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Israeli Air Defense: A Short History

Shortly after Israel’s birth in 1948, the Israel Defense Forces was established — and along with it, anti-aircraft batteries. Related posts: The Israeli Navy: Highlights from History IDF’s First-Ever Cyber Defenders Make History Introducing: New Aerial Defense Center

Operation Pillar of Defense: Summary of Events

On November 14, the IDF launched Operation Pillar of Defense, meant to cripple terror groups in Gaza and protect Israelis. Here’s a summary of events. Related posts: Pillar of Defense: Summary of Overnight Events, Nov 17 Operation Pillar of Defense: IDF Disperses Leaflets Above Gaza Strip Operation Cast Lead: Mid-day Summary of Events

Ceasefire Agreement Comes Into Effect

A short while ago, a ceasefire agreement came into effect. Following eight days, the IDF has accomplished its objectives for Operation Pillar of Defense. Related posts: IDF Implementing Ceasefire, 18 Jan 2009, 00:56 IST Recap: Second Day of Fighting IDF Targeting 70 Underground Launching Sites in Gaza