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Letter: Blame The Palestinians For Annapolis’s Certain Failure

Op-Ed in The Jewish Press (Wednesday, October 31, 2007) By: Morton A. Klein In November, a U.S.-sponsored conference involving Israel, the Palestinian Authority and possibly several Arab states will convene in Annapolis to frame yet another plan meant to end the Arab-Israeli war and create a Palestinian state. This conference is doomed to fail. The […]

Letter: O, Jerusalem! Oy, Jerusalem!

Letters to the Dividing Jerusalem is furthermore opposed by a majority of Knesset members, who have signed a petition opposing the idea, and a major new Israeli poll this month shows that a clear majority of Jewish Israelis — 59 percent to 33 percent — oppose, even in return for a peace agreement, Israel […] Lies of the Anti-Lobby Lobby

Lies of the Anti-Lobby Lobby By Steven – 10/22/2007 There is a nefarious lobby that controls American policy and subordinates American interests to its own narrow interests. While representing but a tiny portion of Americans, its power is nevertheless so large that it effectively dictates decisions and prevents adoption of any policies to which […]

Letter: St. Cloud Times: Read what Tutu said about race, apartheid

Published in the St. Cloud Time, Online EditionOctober 17. 2007 12:30AM   The letter “St. Thomas got Tutu’s comments wrong,” published Oct. 13, claims that South Africa’s Desmond Tutu did not compare Israel with Hitler and apartheid. Readers should be allowed to decide for themselves.   In the full transcript of Tutu’s speech in Boston […]

Letter: The Jewish Week: Foxman on Tutu

Foxman On Tutu The Jewish Week10/19/07 I am surprised and disappointed to see Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) support allowing South Africa’s Desmond Tutu to speak at a Minnesota university despite the fact that Tutu is one of the most virulent critics of Israel and the Jewish people, constantly defaming both. For example, […]

Yemen Times: Malaysia takes the initiative, again!

“The Sky is the Limit”Malaysia takes the initiative, again! The Yemen Times By Hassan Al-Haifi   Any Moslem, who heard the news last Sunday (see this link), should turn a once somber face at the pathetic state of the Moslem World today. This is of course thanks to the epitome of bad rulers that have […]

Cleveland Jewish News: Protest ‘Israel lobby’ book

Protest ‘Israel lobby’ book Cleveland Jewish News, Letters and Opinion October 11, 2007   On Sept. 26, the Betar Zionist Movement and the Zionist Organization of America led students and community members in a protest against Professors Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer’s appearance at The City Club and later that evening on the campus of […]

Jewish Telegraphic Agency: Jewish groups plan Jerusalem coalition

Jewish groups plan Jerusalem coalition Jewish Telegraphic Agency   Several U.S. Jewish groups are establishing a coalition that would oppose any plan to divide Jerusalem.   “Ministers of the current Israeli government publicly have floated their intention to divide and surrender the Jewish People’s capital city and discard our holiest site — the Temple Mount,” […]

5 Towns Jewish Times: State Of The Campus

State Of The Campus5 Towns Jewish TimesBy: Fred TaubIf my next lecture were to be about the challenges Jewish students face on American college campuses today, it would focus on the current level of parental involvement with their children’s public school education; meaning, virtually zero involvement.   Jewish college students on most campuses are left […]

Commentary: Letters to the Editor

Commentary October 2007 Letters To the Editor:   Hillel Halkin writes that because of the large and growing population of Palestinians west of the Jordan River, “Israel’s demise as a Jewish state could take place … by means of demographic swamping alone”–and this even if Israel were to withdraw “to, or nearly to, its 1967 […]