ZOA Praying For Cong. Scalise’s and Staffers’ Full Recovery From Hater’s Shooting
News Press Release
June 14, 2017

Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) President Morton A. Klein released the following statement:

All of us at the ZOA are praying for House Majority Whip, Congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA), and his aides and everyone who was injured when an evil hater, who was an activist supporter of Bernie Sanders, opened fire at a Republican Congressional charity baseball practice this morning.  We wish all the injured a “Refuah Shelaima” – a full and speedy recovery from their wounds. 

Cong. Scalise is a great American, and a great friend to Israel and the Jewish people.  He fought valiantly against the catastrophic Iran deal, and understands the realities of the Middle East and radical Islamist terror.  Rep. Scalise met with Israeli PM earlier this year, and assured the pro-Israel community:

As our closest and most trusted ally in the Middle East, I made it clear to the Prime Minister that the Jewish state of Israel can count on the full support of Congress, and I look forward to building on our long-lasting strategic partnership.  With radical Islamic terror spreading throughout the region, Iran’s ambitions towards nuclear weapons, and UN-backed efforts aimed at undermining Israel, now more than ever we must stand by Israel and work to protect our joint national security interests. I’m proud Congress has already taken important steps to do that, by passing legislation denouncing the United Nations’ recent blatantly anti-Israel resolution, and passing an extension of strong sanctions against Iran.  I’m glad President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu had a very positive and productive meeting that showed the rest of the world that the bond between our two great nations has never been stronger.”  (“Scalise Meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,” Feb. 15, 2017.)

If the reverse were true of vicious attacks against Democrats by the media and Republicans and such an anti-Democrat shooting were, G-d forbid, committed by a Republican, ZOA would condemn the media and Republicans just as strongly.

We have not yet heard anything about the shooter’s motives.  However, we have to wonder whether the relentless and tireless drumbeat of hatred and impeachment demands, not simply legitimate criticism, that certain media outlets and some members of Congress are directing at Republicans and President Trump, and the hatred and political violence espoused by the far-left against Republicans had something to do with today’s mass shooting at a Congressional Republican baseball practice. 

(If the reverse were true of vicious attacks against Democrats by the media and Republicans and such an anti-Democrat shooting were, G-d forbid, committed by a Republican, ZOA would condemn the media and Republicans just as strongly. While the ZOA is a fully non-partisan organization supporting all holders of pro-Israel positions, we feel that the vitriol directed at the Republican party and the Administration specifically has risen to a dangerous pitch).

On the same day last month, persons enraged over health care legislation tried to run Tennessee Republican Congressman David Kustoff off the road after a town hall, and attacked North Dakota Republican Rep. Kevin Cramer.  (“Violence And Intimidation Against Republicans Are Becoming The New Normal,” by Peter Hasson, The Daily Caller, May 14, 2017.)  Death threats were recently made against Arizona Republican Congresswoman Martha McSally, Virginia Republican Congressman Tom Garrett and Rep. Garrett’s wife, daughters and dog.  (“Republicans Fearing for Their Safety as Anger, Threats Mount,” by Cristina Marcos, The Hill, May 21, 2017; and “Left’s Harassment Of Republicans Finally Paid Off In Montana,” by Daniel Greenfield, Frontpage Mag., May 25, 2017.)  Kathy Griffin’s horrifying photo with a photo-shopped severed head of President Trump; the Julius Caesar play running in New York’s Central Park in which a President Trump look-a-like and his wife are murdered; the New York Times and other publications of multiple daily articles, editorials and op-eds relentlessly condemning President Trump and Republican policies (farbeyond legitimate criticism); the harassment and destruction of the property of the Berkeley College Republicans; a Huffington Post article that went viral calling on the public to “raise hell” by forcefully harassing and hounding every Republican in his or her home and daily life . . . all of this is creating an atmosphere in which it has become “open season” on Republicans.  This fomenting of extraordinary, unprecedented, non-stop hatred and violence against people for their political beliefs must end.

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